November 2020 Numerology Forecast

Number 6 – November 2020

For November 2020, the energy is sitting with number 6. So, it depends on which Numerologist you turn to with how they perceive the energy of number 6. The energy of number 6 is often perceived as responsible and caring. Now, the strength of caring can be often so strong that self care is deeply neglected, as they abandon themselves by putting others before themselves.

When you turn to Pythagorean Numerology, number 6 is all about creativity but also destruction. This is the description that fits best for me as a Numerologist when I think about number 6 energy. On charts, number 6 sits in the centre of the Mind Plane. Which for me, represents a battle of wits, drive for responsibility and creativity.

This month, November, is going to be quite interesting. I believe people will be battling with their minds more than ever. It will be an internally quite deep month for all, with their minds battling positivity and negativity. Number 6 energy is quite powerful energy, and it is up to you if you choose to embrace the strength that comes with it in a positive manner, or if you will allow it to be destructive.

There is going to be a great focus around the home. People are going to be finding their roles within their domestic dynamics. There will be a sense of pride within the house, as plans and projects for the household will be on their way and things will be beginning to settle in a new normal. There will be comfort in your daily tasks, and you will be used to routine.

While things are going to be settling, the cards will be settling into place and things will feel ‘normal’ (which they haven’t for a while) – you may notice things may be feeling, well, quite plain. There will be lack of completion unless there is a deeper connection of own sense of self expression.

The problem that will need to be faced for November is finding your outlet. If you do not have a way of creation, a personal project at hand, you will not be feeling fulfilment in your life. You will feel misplaced, out of balance and lost. You will need to discover what that sense of creation is, to see your life truly begin to flourish and for the sense of wholeness to be set in place. When we have that drive and excitement in our lives, we get to use our creative strengths to spark motivation in other places in our lives.

If you look at number 6 energy as focusing around responsibilities and caring, be mindful to not overexert your energy into others. If you are in the care industry where you are looking after others, be careful to not carry the excess weight of your duties home with you. When you clock off, allow yourself to truly clock off. It doesn’t mean you are not caring for those who you hold dearly, it means you are allowing yourself time to recharge so you can give them the care you truly wish to. You need to tend to yourself in order to be able to tend for others in a healthy and beneficial matter.

With responsibilities, be careful to not lose your sense of self in the duties at hand. Ensure you are doing things right, so you don’t have to do them twice. You will need to time manage, and allow appropriate relax and unwinding time. If you are scurrying onto duty after duty, you will be missing the finer details that call for your attention. If you tend to be on the lazier side of things, your responsibilities are going to be weighing on you far too much. Get them done, so you can stop dwelling on the stress.

So be mindful of your own self expression in November. Ensure you have an outlet, or you will be in for quite a rough month where you feel out of sorts and misplaced in the world. Do not rely heavily on your role within the household, you are more than what you provide for those around you and you need to ensure you find your own personal projects. It depends on your birth chart, but you may find creativity coming easier to others than it does for you – this does not mean you do not have what it takes to be creative, it just means you may need to work harder at it than others or perhaps you have not found what caters to your natural talents.

Note that there is more to your life than your deep love of home. Perhaps you are coming out of isolation and back into the office as restrictions lift, and you are finding yourself missing your own little bubble in the house. That is normal, and that is okay. You need to shift your strong focus to your responsibilities at hand, and allow yourself to do what needs to be done. Take your time, day by day, and do not allow your mind frame to shift to a destructive path this month as the energy will either be your friend or you will be fighting a struggle.

My main advice for this month would be to embrace the strength of number 6 energy as much as you can and use it to your advantage, rather than letting it get the better of you. Learn to appreciate things for yourself this month, focus on self care and working inwards on your own expressions and outlets.

If you are drawn to working in the care/service industry this month I would advise waiting, as it may become an unhealthy opportunity for you where you will be unable to balance your own needs to others. The weight of the responsibilities would become quite toxic, and you may not be able to handle the weight of life and death in reality. It may be best to show your care for others in alternative ways.

Keywords for this month: Self expression, creativity, caring, responsibilities, destruction

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