Numerology Forecast: 23/10/2020

The daily energy for today is number 1.

You may find it difficult to verbally self express yourself today. It will be hard to find the correct words and to be clear with your inner feelings when communicating with others.

The communication will be separated between what you feel, and what you know. It will be great energy for expressing educational/knowledgeable information but when it comes to your personal inner feelings, you will be struggling to find the right words.

There is a high focus around maturity and understanding. Do not act in the moment. Make a conscious effort with responses by thinking before you speak, as you will be saying things that you do not mean. You may come across aggressive and defensive, and you may find yourself acting out with the intention of hurting or offending others in order to protect yourself. It is not the right day for this, so reel yourself in when you see this situation unfolding before you. Take the higher ground.

Whilst this all may sound quite tense, it is great energy for individualistic tendencies. Eccentric personalities will thrive within this energy, and there is certainly competitiveness is in the air. If that is your cup of tea and is what drives you to get things done, use it to your advantage!

Be mindful that relationships may feel quite tense and you may be butting heads to a degree. You may struggle to do things in ways that others prefer as you have your own ideas and thoughts. This energy is certainly surrounding a natural act of independence. People with the desire to lead will find this trait being strengthened and natural born leaders will need their space to shine alone.

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