Numerology Forecast: 24/10/2020

The daily energy for today is number 2. There is going to be a struggle with issues relating to loneliness, isolation and feeling as though you are restricted when it comes to yourself.

Issues regarding your self care will be at play today. If you are one to put others before yourself, be careful and mindful of this being abused.

You will find communication coming easier than it was the day before. You will find that the struggles you faced, or tension that was created, you may be of the mind that forgiveness is in order and those conversations are to be had that you were otherwise avoiding.

You may find yourself not wanting to be surrounded by an abundance of people. You will want deeper one on one time with someone that you hold dear to you. It is a great time to focus on that relationship and take the depth to new levels where possible.

Those who feel as though they are alone in the world will find the energy harder to handle. The void may feel far more intense, and they will want to close themselves off more than ever. If someone comes to mind when you think about this, ensure you reach out to them and see how they are going. If this person is you, please take extra care with yourself and focus on doing things that give you happiness and fulfillment.

Expect a lot of fairness in business dealings and domestic affairs. People will have a sense of sensitivity and concern for others emotions and thoughts.

This sensitivity and concern may be unbalanced, and feel quite surface friendly and fake if it has not been in place prior in a friendship. It may be taken as insincere and strange, so ensure you are balanced and not coming across forceful and out of place.

Overall, whilst the energy is great for communication and there is sensitivity for others thoughts and feelings, it is great energy for sorting out what needs to be done and clearing out the way forward. Whatever is unable to move forward with you, know that it is for the best.

Whilst having sensitive energy for those around you, ensure you turn inwards and allow enough time for yourself so that you are allowing yourself to hold equal energy internally as well as externally. You can help others, as long as you can help yourself. You need to be in a good place first before seeking to guide others, as your mind must be clear and level.

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