Numerology Forecast: 25/10/2020

The daily energy for today is 3.

This is often the best kind of energy, as it is fun-loving and entertaining. This energy is often the joker of the pack, think of a group of friends where there is always the fun, upbeat and comedic friend that has a natural talent for making everyone laugh and to have a great time.

With this energy, you will find yourself feeling mentally alert as you hold an active interest in life/environment. You will feel focused and energised.

There will be a strong drive of enthusiasm for the day, so know that if you prepare to tackle any tasks or duties you will feel the drive to get it done and sort out things that have needed attention for quite some time. It’s a great time to tie of loose ends and finish projects that have been waiting.

Creativity will come quite easily, so if you have something that is sitting on the end of your bucket list that you have wanted to give a try – try it! You will find yourself inspired and your creativity will flow easier today. If you are in the creativity industry, this is the day for you.

It’s a fantastic day for branching out and exploring. Have fun with nature, go outside and adventure with your loved ones. Embrace this positive energy as much as you can. It can often be healing just by enjoying the sunshine and being surrounded by those you love. When was the last time you had a proper, belly rumbling laugh?

Generally with such enthusiastic energy there is an opposing issue where you will not want to focus on boring, mundane tasks but this is not the case with three (3) energy. This is the energy where you are able to turn any situation around, and see the other side of the coin.

Even if you are struggling with some situations or issues that are causing you distress, think again about that one friend in the group, the joker in the pack, they often make the best of any situation. You could be in tears, and they would say something to make you laugh or smile. This is the energy that you will be working with today. Brightness will find its way to shine to you, no matter the situation.

Enjoy this wonderful energy. Three (3) energy is one of the best, and it’s the most fun!

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