Numerology Forecast: 26/10/2020

The daily energy for today is 4. This energy is logical, reliable and organised.

Whilst it can quite often feel a bit flat and boring due to reliability, organisation and logical thinking this is often hard working energy where it is great to be practical with situations when they arise.

4 energy is wonderful to work with if you are in the process of solving problems. You will find the doors will finally close to situations that have been open far too long, and people will want to just get on with things so a lot of tense situations will be burned out by this point.

This energy can often represent containment. You may find yourself in the vines of your work, household and duties where you want to set yourself free but now is not the time as it’s time to embrace being trustworthy. It is not the best time to turn your back away on situations that require you to put your back into it and to remain focused.

Financial dealings will work well in this energy, such as investing and utilising money to work for you. It will be a great day for anything technical, as things will be looked through with a fine tooth comb and rules will be followed due to the reliability in the energy.

Whilst financial dealings are great, they will only be great if you have the funds to do so. The energy is materialistic and if you are not in a great financial position, ensure you are not reaching above what you can provide for. You need to remain careful with spending habits throughout the day.

Manual arts and building will find this energy best utilised, as it requires a lot of physical involvment.

For those who love to run by a schedule and have things organised, you may find yourself thriving in this energy as this enhances your natural identity.

It’s not time for dabbling with theories, ensure you raise concrete concepts with those around you and that you put a bit of back bone behind what you say as people will be sceptical and off footed.

Be mindful of delays and procrastination, as there will be a strength behind impatience as people will just want things to get done.

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