Marilyn Monroe Numerology Birth Chart

Norma Jeane Mortenson (Commonly known as Marilyn Monroe)

Norma Jeane Mortenson was born on the 1st of June 1926. Norma was soon to be baptised as Norma Jeane Baker, and then later on known to the world as Marilyn Monroe. In this birth chart, it reflects her full birth name Norma Jeane Mortenson.

On Norma’s birth chart, she has two ones located on the physical plane. The physical plane represents human activity such as body language, verbal expression, organisation and patience. This can also be a sound base for sacrificial learning and materialistic tendencies. 

Norma was quite balanced in her self expression. She would have been quite comfortable with her verbal expression, and she would have been able to utilise this ability during circumstances that required a broader understanding of situations and people. This is typically energy that is often seen in public figures.

If a situation called for it, Norma would have been able to easily adapt and understand the reasonings of others for things – especially during arguments. She would find it easy to validate the perspective of others in circumstances, due to the broad understanding that she would hold. 

This can be viewed as a flaw. Even if she held her own thoughts and opinions, this was not on solid grounding if there were others who spoke louder than herself. She would have been quite easily swayed with clashing opinions, as she would see where their logic was heading.

On the gateway to the soul plane, Norma has a singular two. It is shown here that she would not have had a strong intuition, at least not enough to guide her in the competitiveness of the environment that she was surrounded in. 

This energy on her chart shows that her sensitive edge would have clashed with her lifestyle, as people with this type of energy require a lot of time to disconnect and to get away from competitive, harsh lifestyles. 

Norma would have had a drive for honour and fairness in business dealings, and she would have held a lot of concern in her personal affairs and friendships. In addition, her sensitivity would have been wrapped around a lot to do with human affairs.

In the centre of the mind plane, there are two sixes. This represents human creativity, and destruction. Now, when you look at her chart you will notice that she is missing the link to the three (memory and analysis), however, she has a link to the nine (idealism). 

On the mind plane, this shows that she would have had very idealistic tendencies and along with this she has two sixes strengthening her human creativity/destruction. She is missing five energy on her chart which means that she would not have had harmony of the mind by any means.

This energy can often be your best friend or a huge nightmare. It generally depends heavily on the early influence of your parents and how you were raised. If you have done your research with Norma, you would know that her early life was the furthest from cheerful as she went through endless amounts of challenges. Her mother, Gladys, was schizophrenic and spent the beginning of Norma’s life in and out of psychiatric hospitals. This left Norma shifting through abandonment, orphanage, close family friends and foster families. 

Norma would have found that she projected a lot of her negativity onto those she loved dearly. There would be a great deal of nervousness, upset and illness surrounding her with her loved ones and internally within herself. There would have been strong levels of irritability, anxiety and stress in business as well as her personal life. 

The best way that Norma would have handled this is by directing her attention beyond the home and into creative expression. She could have found herself continuously attempting to expand her focus for more and more creative outlets, the pursuit would never have come to an end for her. It would have been an unhealthy obsession.

The worst thing that someone could do to someone who has this kind of energy is to try to push them into situations. Norma would never have been comfortable with being pushed or threatened, no one would, however it would have been a much more intense situation for Norma emotionally. 

People who have this energy require rest more so than others. Their continual nervous energy and exhausting pursuits for bigger and better would be leaving them tired, irritated and unfulfilled. 

Their nervous systems mentally are always running on high, and being shown appreciation and love would often be what soothes them best. In itself, this also could become an unhealthy obsession – the continuous desire for appreciation and love would be an endless pursuit and if not shown this, this could often leave them feeling neglected and disliked.

We also have one nine on Norma’s chart which expresses the power of idealism. This is best expressed as ambition and responsibility. Norma would have found herself striving to make a big difference to the world. As she was greatly ambitious, she would have had dreams bigger than she ever could have ever expressed. 

These large, wild and uncontained dreams would have been a huge cause of upset for her, as it would have clashed with her mind plane. This insecurity and pressure would have conflicted with her goals, as she would have felt as though she could never have achieved such dreams. 

Sadly, she would have often surprised herself more times than she would be able to count and she would not have believed in her true potential even when faced with her achievements. Her achievements never would have felt good enough for her internally, she would see every flaw and believe that she could have done better.

Ruling (Master/Life Path) Number: 7..

Norma’s life purpose thrived through essentially learning by personal experiences. Living through practical realisations and experiences taught Norma how to take major steps forward in the journey of her soul. 

This ruling number is often seen as quite difficult, as most appear to suffer quite sad lives due to their need for minimal involvement from others. They crave independent learning, and they need to be allowed this space so that they can do so.

This exuded air of awareness can often be perceived as self confidence. People may be of the opinion that this energy is due to maturity and intelligence, when in reality it is uneducated and dominating internal energy. Their independence ties in with egotistical energy.

This energy often leaves this person sacrificing financially or through love/health. With their eagerness to learn the ways of life on their own, they are often one to guide others. They may believe that they know better than others, which means that this given guidance is not accepted in return. This can be quite difficult if someone tries to implement their ‘own way’ of doing things under their shared roof. This can call for challenging boundaries in the household.

In saying this, this energy is often where business and personal lives are the furthest thing from happy places. People with this ruling number have terrible judgement of characters, and as mentioned Norma has a singular two which means she would have had terrible intuition. She may have thought the better of people, when in fact they were the worst for her.

Norma often would guide others to follow her advice, however she would have had to have been careful and mature by acting with greater wisdom. If she was not to learn from personal experiences, which is what this energy is all about (teaching for higher soul growth), she would have been repeating great sadness in her life. 

Business and investment would have been hard, as she would not have had sound business understanding. She would have wanted to be going at her own natural pace, and learning in her own way. This may have given people the opinion that she was quite slow, perhaps slow in the mind as she was a slow learner, but this was only because she wanted to do things on her own.

Day Number: 1.. 

With Day Numbers, they are equally as important to a chart as Ruling/Master numbers are. Whilst Ruling/Master numbers are more powerful, when people align themselves closely to their day number they often will see their lives beginning to fall apart. This is crucial for understanding, so that they can align themselves with their Ruling/Master number by utilising the characteristics to their advantage with their Day number.

There is no Ruling/Master number 1, however there is with Day numbers. This is what Norma has for her Day number. With this energy, it works best when they are allowed to work on their own. They need the independence and freedom to be able to express their unique initiatives, and in order for their own self development. 

It is interesting with this energy, because whilst Norma was in the spotlight and an absolute worldwide sensation – she never was truly able to be independent. She had to rely on a lot of people in order to do what she wanted to do, and this might have been the greatest part of the mental downfall that she suffered. She did not feel free, and did not agree with many ways of how the world worked.

Norma may have often appeared aloof, detached for periods of time and she would have often enjoyed the seclusion of the energy.

Growth Path Number: 7..

Norma has seven energy again here. The growth number is a number that helps you advance in life, as it helps you to achieve your goals by using the strengths it brings to do so.

This is previously as mentioned, focused around an unforgettable form of personal experience, sacrifice. Norma would have used her sacrifices as a vital part of her learning process through life, and this would have been used to her advantage.

She may have used her personal experiences as motivation to grow and develop by using her analytical nature. Her ideas that she day dreamed would have been greater than just thoughts. She turned them into reality by utilising her pain points and making them work for her. 

On Norma’s birth chart, she has the Arrow Of The Enquirer..

Originally this arrow was taught as the Arrow Of Scepticism. At some point, she would have come to have realised that she based nothing on trust, regardless of who it is who is providing her the information. 

She would have had the drive and need to investigate the facts for herself, and when she eventually became convinced of a truth she would have become a dogmatic convert.

Her display of scepticism would be initially regarded as negativity towards anything new, however once she investigated the topic and proved it to herself, she would turn it into avid acceptance. If she decided to disagree with the new concept, she would discard it forever and there would be no way of convincing her otherwise.

Her nature was to investigate. She would have had a keen sense of fairness and she often would have had an agnostic outlook if no other religion had proven itself adequate. Many scientists have been found to have this arrow. 

Too much scepticism often would have dominated her thinking. Health wise, she would have found herself with regular headaches and potentially nerve problems. 

Personality Number: 5..

This number is superficial, this is the energy that people automatically jump to when they think of you. It is essentially the initial impression people grasp on you, before they get to know the real you.

This energy is the intensity of human feelings like no other. This is essentially the symbol of love, freedom (emotionally and artistically) and compassion. People would have perceived Norma with an attitude of ‘live and let live’, carefree, freedom-loving and unable to be tied down. This may come along with the same intention of recklessness, irresponsible, and childish.

The feeling of deep appreciation, passion, and emotional control is generally in the air. When people saw her they saw her in control, strong, independent and she may have tugged on a few heart strings. She may have often been thought to be a fighter for the underdog, and happy to take risks by welcoming new beginnings. 

People may have seen her as a rule breaker, which would make sense as she broke a lot of concrete ways in regards to ‘respectable’ women, by being seen as a sexual being which was quite scandalous back in her time. 

Most importantly, she would have been perceived as creative. She was known for her creativity in self expression, and people would have acknowledged her creativity for what she had made for herself as a model, singer and actress.

Soul Urge Number 8.. This energy is often unstable, methodical and meticulous. 

The Soul Urge is the heart’s true desire, it is that burning yearning passion that is often the drive of your inner self. For Norma, this would have been the desire for finer things. It is often materialistic energy, and with Norma’s childhood upbringing she would have been yearning for a better and greater life for herself surrounded with lots of luxury and fame.

This would have been brewing for years. The idealism would have been unbreakable, and she sure put her dreams into play and made it happen for herself.

As this energy is reactive and restless, it can often be the cause of many changes in relationships, careers, lifestyle choices and instability mentally. Norma would have found herself unbelievably efficient in making snap decision changes when she was not living in a way that was methodical and meticulous. 

She would have had an eye for detail, and notice the little things. As this energy is materialistic, she would have had to have been good with money in order to sustain her desires. It later had turned out that she was in debt, which means she must not have been the very best at handling her finances.

This energy is focused on status symbols, and the need to be seen. She would have been constantly anxious about what people thought of her, and this would have been conflicting with her desire to have herself out there for everyone to pay attention to.

Expression Number: 4.. This is energy that can be used to help your Ruling (Master/Life path) number. 

This energy is organised, reliable, hard-working, financially stable and trustworthy. This is focused around logical thinking and can often be quite boring. 

She would have often been unreliable, and she would have been perceived as untrustworthy due to this sense of unreliability and lack or organisation.

Norma seemed to have issues dealing with her finances, she also was unable to demand to be paid the amount she deserved. She often found out that her coworkers were being paid far more than she was, and this unfortunately would have often happened to her as she did not have the best traits when it came to financial/business dealings. 

She may have been quite impatient with delays and struggled with procrastination, she would have wanted to just get on with things but a lot of her troubles would have lied mentally for her. Her mind would have been her biggest blockage.

** Disclaimer, the rest of this report is quite upsetting. Trigger warning! From here, the report will be covering the lead up to Norma’s passing. **

Norma’s Personal Year and Personal Months leading up to her passing..

Norma passed on the 4th of August. The year of Norma’s passing was in 1962. This was a 7 year for her, and her Ruling number also sits at 7 (which you can read about further up on this report).

This was a vital year of learning through personal experiences for Norma. She would have been dealing with experiences that she could relate to in her past, this would have been due to failure to recognise and apply the lessons she had learned previously due to turning a blind eye to her own wisdom.

She may have been going back on things she promised she would not do, and she may have been dealing with a lot of situations through karmic energy. This is due to living with thoughtless and careless reactions.

This year, 1962, she would have been struggling with a lot of loss whether it be in regards to finances, health or love.

She may have felt a lack of purpose, however this year was to bring a sense of alertness and being brought to return to their Life path as they may have strayed. 

It is a powerful energy, and it often brings situations forward that will provide and guide a level of understanding. Generally in 7 energy, you are advised to avoid major life changes. This is specifically in regards to financial decisions and domestic affairs. It is advised to bring stabilisation to the year, get back on course so to speak – not to expand or derail. 

As Norma has a Ruling (Master/Life Path) number as 7, this is a severely hard year. It often appears worse on the outside, though. The experience generally isn’t as horrible as it appears. 

Norma would be used to this pattern of learning, it would have felt similar and been something that she was not unfamiliar with. It would have been the case to fulfill the purpose that is intended with 7 energy.

June/July, months prior to Norma’s death.. 

Norma may have believed that doors continually were closing on her. She would have not been able to see other avenues opening, as they may not have revealed themselves entirely or she may not have been able to have an open perspective towards it. 

As she has the Arrow Of The Inquisitor, she likes to investigate and analyse things properly before being open to it. 

She would have been in a stubborn and determined mind frame and not be welcoming to the idea of letting things go. She was in the way of her own path of growth, however over June/July she moved out of the way and cleared the path to allow growth to be set in place.

This would have caused her great hurt. This would have been quite a large sacrifice, one that she was unwilling to make and that is a lot for Norma especially given her birth chart. 

She may have learned, as the opportunity was there for her to take the personal experience on board. 

It was time for her to be prepared for a great deal of success moving forward. She may not have taken the time to consider all aspects before making decisions.

August, month of death..

This was the beginning of the shift into her Personal Year (8 energy), it is a gradual process as the energy weakens from the current Personal Year and the upcoming year gains it’s momentum.

She would be beginning to feel the shift in the energy, there would be a stronger drive for independence (which we all know is a huge part of her birth chart from this report), and her wisdom would be getting a stronger kick. 

Norma would be feeling the urge to improve financial affairs, and she would have been understanding and recognising the need in emotional control. There would have been an understanding on the difference between acting/reacting, and living/existing. 

There would be a thought in the forefront of her mind that there are truly reasons behind the sacrifices in her life, if she had not done so already. This philosophical awareness would be packing a large lunch of wisdom along with sound decision making in her mind.

The aftermath of June/July would be weighing on her mind as she was unable to see what August had in place, she was a week into the energy. All of this would have been beginning to shape her own independence, and she was in a very powerful place.

With this in mind, the rest in what happened is history. Whether you believe it was her who decided to take her own life, accidental, or something else – that is your place to research..

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