Numerology Forecast: 27/10/2020

The daily energy for today is 5. This is one of my favourite energies, as 5 energy is symbolically similar to the Heart Chakra. This energy holds the intensity of feelings like no other.

You will find that you will be able to adapt to situations quite responsibly, rather than having a thoughtless ‘knee jerk’ reaction. With this air of adaptability, you will feel guided with emotional control. You will find yourself understanding your own feelings more clearly, and you will also be greatly appreciative of others feelings.

Focus on your sensitivity to situations and circumstances, and allow this sensitivity to be a reliable guide for your intuition as your feelings are to be understood and taken noticed of. Your emotions will guide you to where the right path is, and it is a time to follow your heart over your mind.

Your freedom of expression (emotionally and artistically) will be valued today and it will be quite symbolic. For you, your expression symbolises love that takes many forms. 5 energy strengthens this, and you will feel deeply compassionate as this is an important structure of your character.

It is powerful, and it is fantastic energy for natural born entrepreneurs. If you are eager to start a new journey that is driven by your passion and self expression it is a great day to make it work for you and to take the first step forward.

This energy is very emotionally driven and you will be feeling a love for change and living your life to the fullest. This will be strongly devoted to freedom-loving and not being tied down. You may be driven to disobey rules that are in place or to break free of restrictive energy, but in resolution you will be accepting of the ultimate outcome. You will make peace and be accepting with whatever falls at your feet, however you will be happy to take some risks!

Overall, walk towards the new today. You may feel the urge to help the underdog, and you won’t like to see people being kicked when they are down – so you may make some new friendships or strengthen already existing ones along the way as the day unfolds.

Enjoy the freedom of expression, living life by taking risks and enjoying the adventure that is life today. Embrace the change that feels right, break free of negativity that is no longer serving you and release the ties that are holding you down.

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