Numerology Forecast: 30/10/2020

The daily energy for today is 8. This energy is quite an interesting one, to sum it up, it can generally revolve around independence, materialism and status symbols.

This energy is good for order and planned out duties, but it can quickly turn unstable if there is a lack of interest in those duties. You may find that if you are not on a set path for the day, this is a day that will quickly spiral into a series of confusing emotions and restlessness. You will be chopping and changing through many different ideas and situations, with reactive tendencies, as you will be unable to settle. Ensure you set a plan out for the day with what you need to get done in the morning and follow that plan.

It is good energy for finances, as this is quite a materialistic energy where business leaders, natural born entrepreneurs and financial advisers take the lead. If you are comfortable with handling finances and using money to work for you, this energy may be in your favour. If you have unhealthy spending habits and you are struggling financially, be careful where your money is put to use today and ensure that you are holding your finances close to your chest.

This is a day where people will be focusing on their statuses. People will want to be seen, and this energy might cause the mentality of worrying what others think of them. You may have quite a confident yet self conscious attitude for the day. You may see others made odd choices but shy away once making them. Don’t be surprised if you see people make bold statements only either retaliate in a conflicting way, or removing it from the public eye.

Whilst you want to be seen and noticed, don’t take it to heart if you feel as though you are not. This is not the type of energy that you will want to be noticed in, as it is quite a weird one. Stick to your guns and remain on path with what you know best at.

This can be quite an envious and jealous energy, as people will be holding a desire for the finer things in life and if they do not have what they want, they may find themselves quite catty and cruel. This is a sense of projection, try not to take these matters personally.

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