Numerology Forecast: 31/10/2020

The daily energy for today is 9. This energy is one that wants to make a difference to the world, not just within their own personal bubble. This is often known as The Humanitarian kind of energy.

You may feel yourself chasing that unrealistic dream of perfection within the world, as the drive to make a difference and a change will be strong. You may find yourself passionate about certain causes, or wanting to help solve a handful of certain things all at once which may cause you a sense of frustration. There could be a focus around service professions and charitable organisations.

This will be a day where you see major flaws within the system or overruling rules and regulations. This can be in the direction of government, policies, laws and regulations. This is not to say that this may be the case in your own personal bubble, it is just that 9 energy generally plays on a larger plane field. It reflects the flaws on major situations and circumstances at play.

Although there will be a natural air of optimism, you may find yourself feeling deeply upset and frustrated if you are unable to help in a situation. You may find yourself feeling powerless and upset with how the world is, and you will be overcome with ideas and plans on how things could be. It will be infuriating if you are unable to put these ideas and plans into action.

This will lead to your powerful feeling of ambition as it may be struck with a sense of confusion. You will be holding onto unrealistic beliefs and dreams for how you want things to take shape and turn out, but you won’t understand why they can’t be the way that you want them to be as you feel the responsibility for it. There is a overwhelming feeling of responsibility, your place in this world, and what your footprint will be leaving behind for younger generations.

Know that 9 energy has been a driving power for a long, long time. This is a powerful energy that has created a lot of changes that have taken place in this world, and the sense of ambition that had come with it. Overall, ensure you set achievable targets for the day as it will allow you to feel that rewarding feeling you will be chasing.

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