Numerology Forecast: 01/11/2020

Today is a 7 day..

7 energy is for important for your spiritual and personal growth.

7 Energy is best summarised as:

  • Analytical
  • Digging into higher thought
  • The unexplained
  • Academic growth
  • Typically lucky, but difficult energy that is brought to bring higher growth
  • Unforgiving, you may feel as though you are getting kicked while you are already down
  • Learning for the better to grow stronger through harsh lessons

It is associated with sacrifice and learning, as it teaches you to go through sacrifices in order for your own growth and higher purpose.

This energy is fantastic for:

  • Deeper mind, body and soul growth
  • New ideas coming forward
  • Learning from others
  • Teaching others

How can you best utilise 7 energy?

  • Brain storm ways to better your self development
  • Bring forward new ideas that you can better humanity in your own way
  • Be open to other perspectives shown to you
  • Jump those hurtles that are too scary or seem harder than normal, give it a go!
  • Be open to circumstances that unfold for you to learn important lessons (Relationships, health, finances, possessions and stability)

No matter the age, we all have much to learn and grow from.

Put in the effort to learn valuable lessons in this life..

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