The Four Watchtower Archangels – Elements and Elemental Beings

The Four Watchtower Archangels

On Earth, by the four cardinal points, there are Watchtower Archangels. This is the gathering point where Angels will often be overseen by the Archangel that works with them. Archangels are the highest rank within the Angel realm. They hold the most important of responsibilities, and they often work from the word of higher beings. They surpervise Angels through all different types of specialties, often in relation to healing or wisdom.

Know that there are far too many Archangels to count, the ones I will be discussing are the four Watchtower Archangels. Archangel Michael often directs the Angels and takes the lead through Earthly tasks on a larger scale. Archangel Gabriel has been known for appearances throughout history on Earth as well.

Archangels do not have genders or specific forms. They can appear to whoever they need, however they choose. Remember that different energy rays have different meanings, if you have seen any throughout your lifetime – these are messages being provided through to you. Blue, red, pink rays and other colours all have their own unique meanings such as power, protection, faith and strength. Archangel Michael often leads through strength, and his ray is known to be royal blue.

Moving forward, let’s get onto the four Watchtower Archangels. The four cadinal points and the Archangels that are placed in position of those points are as follows:


Archangel Uriel


Archangel Raphael


Archangel Michael


Archangel Gabriel

These Archangels all have elements associated with them. These elements can help us feel connected to them, and if we feel as though we are lacking in certain areas where we are feeling lost, we can call upon them to help us where we are most in need. These Archangels are here to help and protect you. They can do so by utilising their own strengths.

The Archangels tie into our own Chakras, and if we feel moments of being unbalanced within certain Chakras it is important to take a look and connect with who calls to you the most. Archangels can help guide you to releasing those energy blockages.

I have listed each Archangels elements below, and their elemental beings associated with their power who work to keep the energy grid in order.

Archangels And Their Elements

Archangel Uriel – The Watcher Of The North, associated with the ray of Amber Yellow

Archangel Uriel is tied to the element of Earth.

This is often seen as grounding, with the enhanced sense of stability and often relates to physical spiritual beings.

This energy helps us be ground to the Earth by often helping us forget our spiritual self when we incarnate, as it would be hard for us to leave that life and enter this physical world. We often can feel as though we don’t belong to this world, and perhaps there is an air of being unwelcome. Archangel Uriel helps us feel safe and connected to Earth, and can often create a sense of being present within our bodies by creating a physical reality. One that we feel safe and sound within.

Archangel Raphael – The Watcher Of The East, associated with the ray of Forest Green

Archangel Raphael is tied to the element of Air.

The air element is surrounding release of tension, perhaps through meditation. It is beneficial for our Vishuddha (the throat Chakra) through breathing, air and relief of stresses with communication and higher thoughts.

The air element is beneficial when working with healing the mind, body and spirit.

Archangel Michael – The Watcher Of The South, associated with the ray of Royal Blue

Archangel Michael is tied to the element of Fire.

This element is strengthened behind drive, power and protection. Archangel Michael is often envisioned as a weilder of swords for justice.

Archangel Michael brings light, drive and motivation to situations that require power and fierce energy. This protection that is brought forward wraps us in security, warmth and comfort. This fire that is brought forward is not only empowering but protecting.

Archangel Gabriel – The Watcher Of The West, associated with the ray of Moonlight White

Archangel Gabriel is tied to the element of Water.

Archangel Gabriel is focused around emotions. This energy releases tears and the painful emotions come to a standstill. From this, we can heal, we enter a state of surrender and the overwhelming emotion is brought to a space of recovery. This energy is highly beneficial when emotional energy has brought the physical being into a state of unwellness, as it is best utilised for healing and recovering.

Archangels And Their Elemental Beings

The Elemental Beings work alongside Archangels in order to keep the balance of the energy grid on Earth, which is often referred to as a place of healing. The Elemental Beings work hard to sustain the energetic balance on the planet.

Archangel Uriel – The Gnome

Archangel Uriel is the Earth element, and through this Archangel Uriel works with Gnomes, Earth spirits. Gnomes are a sense of connection to the Earth, they hold great knowledge and treasures.

Archangel Raphael – The Sylph

Archangel Raphael is the Air element, and through this Archangel Raphael works with air spirits. They communicate through superior intellect, often wind singers and can be mistaken for Angels. They are etheral shapeshifters and protect their word through honor and glory.

Archangel Michael – The Salamander

Archangel Michael is the Fire element, and through this Archangel Michael works with Salamanders. This stengthens the inner power and knowledge that life demands, this can help obtain and develop endurance. Salamanders are often shy and elusive.

Archangel Gabriel – The Undine

Archangel Gabriel is the Water element, and through this Archangel Gabriel works with Undine. Some may describe it as such like a mermaid, and also crystallisation of water. It is known for the purification of the physical body through deep psyche healing. This surrounds inner pain healing, often emotionally.

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