Numerology Forecast: 3/11/2020

Today is a 9 day..

9 energy is The Humanitarian type, the kind that wants to make a real difference in the world..

9 Energy is best summarised as:

  • Perfection
  • Real world change
  • Risk taking
  • Powerful and determined
  • Unrealistic dreams
  • Ambitious
  • Courageous

You may feel yourself chasing that unrealistic dream of perfection within the world, as the drive to make a difference and a change will be strong.

This energy is fantastic for:

  • Service professions and charitable organisations
  • Fighting larger causes at hand
  • Problem solving
  • Making a difference
  • Drawing attention to flaws with the government, policies, laws and regulations
  • Creating ideas and plans

How can you best utilise 9 energy?

  • Place your frustrations into projects and causes
  • Write down changes you wish to see within the system and ideas for adjustments to rules and regulations
  • Utilise your sense of optimism and draw others in to a positive and hopeful light
  • Start out with realistic goals to reach, if you start too big you may create an unrealistic belief or goal and you won’t start. You will need to start small, and build your way up. You may feel ambitious, but you need to be realistic as well
  • Don’t let the overwhelming sense of responsibility weigh on you
  • Make sure you aren’t just thinking and wishing, you need to act and do!

Chase that feeling..

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