Aries – November Tarotscope

Aries – The Ram


This is going to be quite a hard month for you, Aries. You will be certainly kept on your toes and your mind is going to be busy, so much so that this may impact your mental health. You will see this through the ways of restlessness and anxiety.

There is an air of guilt and stress. You may be grieving a recent loss, and the stress of being overworked is not helping even if you think the distraction is beneficial. You need time to unwind, and relax. Unfortunately for November, it appears as though your relationships will be strained, and financial pressures may be overwhelming.

Know that worrying is not going to be the solution to your troubles. You are going to need to take control of situations that arise this month, and ensure that you are taking action rather than immersing yourself in fear and worry. Your mind is going to be your biggest battle.

You are going to need to cut through to the problem. Sometimes in life you cannot change things, and this month you are going to realise that you may need to just find acceptance within yourself. You will find that this is your path to move forward.

Love & Romance

It appears as though romantically, things won’t be moving as fast as you want them to be this month. Perhaps something or someone will be holding you back, and you want things to move forward and there is a blockage. Your relationships are going to be strained, whether it is you wanting to move forward or the other party. Regardless of who it is, one is not in alignment with the other.

You will feel restless this month, your impatience may get the better of you and this may find it’s way impacting your relationship. Look at the root cause of this situation, sometimes moving full speed ahead can often make things worse. You may want to bury problems and go forth, whereas the other wants to face the problems together which you are not ready to do. This can also be vice versa.

It is not the best time to take things to the next level, if the person you are interested in is not giving you the same level of attention, it may be best to try and understand what is happening here. Alternatively, if someone is asking more of you than what you are willing to give, reflect on what is holding you back.

There needs to be a time of reflection, understanding and communication. Try and use these set backs this month to your advantage.

Money & Career

Be cautious of having an overly intellectual approach this month, Aries. This will be a huge disadvantage for you. If problems arise in the workplace or financially, your mind is not going to be able to solve it. You will not be thinking clearly, you have a lot going on up in the chambers of your mind and using your cloudy intellect is going to be quite the handicap for you.

You might make the wrong decisions, and be far too quick to jump to the defence where it is not needed. There will be a clashing between authority and yourself, as you will feel as though any figures that appear stronger than yourself will be a threat.

Don’t be too quick to jump to judgements, perhaps with spending habits or colleagues – give people a break if you can. Your usual lenient self will not be so lenient this month, and this may be quite a surprise for those who have yet to see this side of you. Ensure you are not being too harsh on others.

In the workplace environment, you may be thinking those around you are distant, cold and not understanding with your suffering. People may know you are going through a hard time, but unsure how best to approach you or to show their sympathy towards you. This does not mean that they do not care, you will need to ensure that you don’t allow yourself to play with these thoughts. It will be hindering your progression this month.


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