Cancer – November Tarotscope

Cancer – The Crab


You are currently going through a difficult time, Cancer. You are being called to look ahead to see that there is a beautiful destiny, straight ahead, that is full of potential. You just need to keep working hard and stay true to the path.

It may feel quite difficult to remain on your path that you are on currently. Perhaps there have been quite a few speed bumps that have shaken up the course and sent you astray, but you found your way back. Keep going, remember where your true allies lie and remind yourself of where you can draw your strength and motivation from.

Love & Romance

There are new horizons here for you, perhaps you are aware that everything has come full force and there are quite a lot of challenges that are quite simply just not worth the persistence.

You are feeling burdened, and you are carrying a lot of others responsibilities on your shoulders – you are over it! And quite rightly so. You are carrying more burdens than you need, as you have your own problems to deal with. You are not in the position to be carrying the burdens of those around you.

You may find that you are micromanaging and you need to let things go. Take time to give yourself a rest. Know that the struggle will be coming to an end, but this may be due to you releasing the power that you are feeding the struggle.

It is time for you to move towards the new, or to bring change to relationships around you that need the reality check. Change is painful, but change brings new growth and peace. You are being reminded of how great it can feel when you take the control back and bring forward the time for new beginnings.

Money & Career

This month is bringing the difficulties between two options, perhaps you are in between jobs and you are unsure on which opportunity will be the best for you. There may also be a handful of challenging people that are in your life, there is an air of betrayal coming forward. Be cautious of those in higher positions than you, or perhaps those who you will be financially dealing with. Ensure you read the fine print, and be careful of being naive.

If you are being offered something that appears too good to be true, be careful. Facts are being withheld in this situation, and they will be making it hard for you to make a clear choice due to manipulative tactics.

You will be aware of the awkwardness and deceit in the situation, but you also will be filled with doubt and you won’t be able to make a clear, firm decision. It may be best to walk away from the situation all together, as it is going to be easier to think things through when you remove yourself from the environment. Ensure you seek higher intellectual ground, and focus on your intuition. If something feels off, it is!

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