Gemini – November Tarotscope

Gemini – The Twins


This month holds a lot of dreams and ideas for you, Gemini. The issue here is going to be that you will want to speed ahead, before seeing to planning the foundation first. You will see this as things standing in your way, however you need to know that this month will be focused around building solid foundations first rather than gunning ahead for your goals.

If you are starting projects, and you see yourself getting held back because someone is standing in your way, or you don’t have the utensils/support that you need – try not to let it get you down. Look at a broader perspective and see if there are other things that you can do, or other ways to start. You need to start somewhere, so ensure the beginning is rock solid first for what you wish to accomplish and take your time.

Love & Romance

Now is a time for personal transformation, perhaps you are experiencing a breakup that is in the raw and painful stages and you are in the midst of healing. Know that this is a positive transformation that you are going through, and you must focus on releasing the bitterness and anger for the other party.

If you are still holding onto past feelings and personal matters, this is a sign to forgive and forget and welcome yourself to new opportunities that are awaiting you. Focus on growth and new beginnings here.

There may be a gentle, caring and warm person entering your life offering you new hope and renewal, this person is good for you. Hold onto your common sense and tread with ease on your new found path. Be careful to not use this person for your healing process, as healing should always be something that you work on internally not rely on others for.

Use your intuition wisely this month Gemini, and embrace any new opportunities that await. Be mindful to release any sense of bitterness.

Money & Career

You will be in a period of questioning your role within the workplace this month, Gemini. You are going to find yourself questioning the influence that your employment has on your happiness and success. Perhaps it is not giving you the satisfaction that you are looking for and you will be unsure on your next step forward.

Are you happy in your current position? How do you get along with your boss and colleagues? It looks as though you will be unsure on the leadership within the company, maybe you will have a shift in management or your boss has delivered some shaky news and you are uncomfortable where you currently stand.

These feelings and questions will be up in the air this month Gemini, and you may have your values challenged and questioned. Think things through carefully, and be sure to not act out on a whim.

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