Leo – November Tarotscope

Leo – The Lion


It is quite a strong month for you, Leo. You are going to be needing to channel a lot of your inituion for guidance in the coming weeks. You may be seeking answers that are unable to be provided to you through the physical world, however there is ample assistance through the spiritual realm.

Pay extra attention to your dreams. Your dreams will be quite vivid, and they will hold many messages that are being gifted to you. Your spirituality is calling to you this month Leo. Keep your eyes open, as there will be ample signs coming your way.

There is a lot of room for new beginnings, but you will need to be strong with your honesty. It is not the time for games, deciet or people pleasing.

Remember that you are connected, your spirituality is strong and your inner voice needs to be heard. You are being urged to take the route of higher thought, and higher ground where possible. This is to ensure that you to not fall into hidden snares.

Love & Romance

There is a lack of focus and effort placed into your relationships at this current stage, Leo. You may be focusing too hard on other aspects of your life and your relationships are taking a bit of a fall recently.

You may be frustrated that your relationships aren’t at a place where you want them to be, but are you working hard enough to deserve the reward? Ask yourself the question, and leave yourself with the thoughts for some time. Think about it, and weigh up what you could be doing differently. Perhaps work at maintaining a balanced focus on all avenues in your life, and ensure you aren’t neglecting certain areas.

Remember that we all have our tipping points. Perhaps you have put so much effort in, that you have gotten to a point where you have given up and you are seeing the gaps fall where you have withdrawn. It may be time to walk away, even if you have put so much effort in previously. It can be hard to walk away from something you have built from nothing, but it may be time.

Money & Career

It’s time to act! Bring forth progression. If you have been mulling over taking action let’s say by applying to a job, asking for a raise, wanting to sign up to a class or just to even start your own personal business adventure – this is your time. You are being urged to take action on what you have been pondering.

You may be receiving notice, or perhaps a proposal on a situation. This is going to shake things up a bit, perhaps there will be some travel involved or something shifting forward which you were unexpecting. There is a message on the way, and it may be new and shiny. It will be for the greater good, but it will be different. Take initaive, and go for it. This will be beneficial for this month.

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