Libra – November Tarotscope

Libra – The Scales


This month you may be focusing too much on idealisms, and you need to be brought back into focus. Be very careful that you do not waste this month with wishful thinking, and wanting things to be ways that they are not. You will be faced with so many possibilities and opportunities this month, it may be hard to not be lost in thought.

Not every opportunity will lead you to a happy ending, you must remember that this month, Libra. Don’t waste your time and energy chasing an illusion, be careful. These ideas are leading you away from your ideal path.

It is a great month to take action, rather than wait for the perfect moment. You are blind to areas of your life that are requiring further action, acknowledge the faults and flaws in these areas and tend to them. Release the unrealistic expectations.

Love & Romance

Be careful this month, Libra. Are you currently feeling stuck with no way out? Know that there is a way to freedom. You must see that your mind here is what you are stuck facing. You may be in a warp of negative thinking, and perhaps your mind is giving things more power than it needs. If you are fearful to let someone go, or perhaps not wanting to be let go yourself – you must let this play out. You must face the pain in order to let yourself begin your healing. Dragging things out is not causing you any benefit.

Look at your options and think about what you can do, rather than what you can’t do. It may be worth looking at things from a different angle, and see from a loved ones perspective rather than your own. Sometimes others opinons who are not emotionally involved in a situation can be quite beneficial. Perhaps you are in denial about the truth, allow someone else to offer you their advice on the matter and help you see the truth.

Hold onto your strength and pull yourself out of this situation. Use your loved ones courage to remain away from the negative situation, or person. You need to withdraw yourself from the toxicity and set yourself free. Lean on those you can for support, and see the facts clearly. You don’t need to prolong the suffering. Allow yourself to see the truth.

Money & Career

It looks as though you will be struggling with time management this month, Libra. You may be under the weight of being overworked, or crushed with education. You are struggling to stay afloat and to keep your balance between your work life and home life under wraps.

You are feeling as though you are unable to stay on top of everything this month. Make sure you allow time to disconnect when you are at home, and when you are at work – vice versa. You need to make sure you are giving everything you can to where you are, but once you leave, switch! It may be more than just this, perhaps you are mulling over your relationships and unable to focus on projects at work or exams. Or when you are at home, you are constantly checking your e-mails and taking work phone calls.

You are being urged to focus on the matters that are right in front of you, as you are neglecting your tasks. You may think it is unnoticeable, and that you are on top of everything just fine, but this will not be the case this month, Libra. Focus, focus, focus!

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