Numerology Forecast: 4/11/2020

Today is a 1 day..

1 energy separates communication between what you feel, and what you know..

1 Energy is best summarised as:

  • Difficult to verbally express feelings
  • Independent
  • Tense
  • Knowledgeable
  • Internally quiet
  • Defensive
  • Isolated

You may find it difficult to verbally self express yourself today. It will be hard to find the correct words and to be clear with your inner feelings when communicating with others.

This energy is fantastic for:

  • Public speakers in regards to knowledgeable information
  • Independent projects
  • Self care
  • Eccentric personalities
  • Competitive personalities
  • Introverts

How can you best utilise 1 energy?

  • Focus around maturity and understanding
  • Think before you speak/act
  • Turn down your aggression as you will feel the need to protect yourself by hurting/offending those around you
  • Reel yourself in
  • Take the higher ground
  • Focus on a personal project and allow yourself to channel your energy into it
  • Allow yourself to lead, if you are a natural born leader, this will be your time to shine

Don’t act in a simple moment..

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