Scorpio – November Tarotscope

Scorpio – The Scorpion


Good reward awaits you this month, Scorpio! It looks as though your hard work will be paying off, and your rewards are not far now. You will feel much like the cat that got the cream, you need to be mindful of the feelings of those around you to ensure that you do not come across as ungrateful. You much deserve the reward and the good luck that awaits, especially after feeling as though luck was not on your side for quite some time now.

You can expect more concrete positions in the areas of your life, as stability will be at play and fulfillment will be coming forward. The rewards that will come to you will tie into deeper emotions this month, so expect this to be in relation to more personal matters in your life rather than external or superficial.

Love & Romance

Be mindful of pettiness this month, Scorpio. It looks as though there is going to be quite a lot of selfish and greedy energy around you. This will be you who will be the ‘reserved’ type of character, so ensure that you give back or ask those around you if they need your support or encouragement.

You may be feeling quite lazy in regards to your relationships this month, so be mindful that you pick up the slack where you notice yourself being quite self focused and withdrawn. It will come across as being self involved, if you are not reaching out and communicating clearly people will not understand your position and take it offensively.

Be active in your inner circles, and see the abundance of warmth and comfort that will come your way.

Money & Career

It looks as though there may be some tension in the workplace or someone you deal with financially here. Don’t fear, as there is going to be someone on your side of defense and they will be sticking up for you during this conflict or trying time.

Your focus may be shifted and not in the best place, perhaps you will be coming across as uninterested in the workplace and not focusing properly on projects at hand. This backlash will be brief, and you will be able to get through unscathed however you will need to take it as a warning to be on your best behaviour and give a strong interest in projects at hand.

This could also be the case where you are focusing too strongly on certain ideas or projects that may not be entirely approved or your boss may be unconvinced in the worthiness/importance. You may need greater balance in all aspects of your role, not just one, as this is neglectful to other areas and it will not be taken well. Stay balanced.

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