Taurus – November Tarotscope

Taurus – The Bull


This month, Taurus, is a powerful month for you. Your sheer will and motivation is going to be what drives you through to your successes. Now, there may be limitations and difficulties that arise throughout this month. You will need to remain balanced, disciplined and in control of your passion.

Your successes will speak volumes, and you will be so proud of all that you achieve this month. Do be aware that these successes will come some sacrifices along the way. It won’t be easy, but you will come out on the stronger end.

The achievements that you reach will be the goals that you set, so ensure you set them wisely. Keep a strong focus on the path ahead, and push yourself to keep going this month. Your hard work will pay off!

Love & Romance

It is a great month ahead for nurturing your friendships, old and new. There will be a lot of fun and playfulness this month for you, Taurus. There may be someone coming back from your past entering your life and new passion will spark from this re-connection. You may be unsure, but know to celebrate this rekindling feeling and allow yourself to enjoy the beauty that comes with it. Remember that not everything has to be a fairy-tale, this may be a short winded re-connection but it will bring temporary happiness.

It is time to enjoy the lightheartedness of love and romance, rather than weighing yourself down with stresses that come from our connections. It is not the time for seriousness, and getting yourself swept up in the dramas that may be tempting you. Stay away from those who are trying to weigh you down or burden you with negative attachments. Focus on those that bring balance to your inner circle.

Money & Career

There may be a domineering personality that you are struggling to work with in the workplace, or someone who overlooks your finances that can often be a bit of a tyrant. This person may be holding you back from the growth that is rightfully yours.

It is time to be calm, logical but disciplined and create a new page to this situation. Turn the control over to you in a manner that best suits you, as the situation will be best under your logic and control – not in their abusive way of power. Fight to make this a positive situation, don’t discard your logic.

Their narrow-minded thinking is impairing your growth, and it is time to take the power back. Do so carefully, ensure you do not abuse your power or knowledge. Whilst you need to be cautious, ensure that you do indeed proceed.

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