Virgo – November Tarotscope

Virgo – The Virgin


Despite your recent troubles, Virgo, things are going to turn out for the better. It looks as though there is a sense of fulfillment on the way, and you will be getting some happiness shining through during this difficult time. This month is going to be a positive and successful month for you, Virgo. Whilst things may not have been going well for you recently, the tides will be changing.

This month, it looks as though something is going to turn out the way you want it to. Whilst this is great news, with this success there will come a bit of cockiness. Perhaps you received positive feedback for something you may not have put all the work in for, and you were not a fan of who you were working with. It is not the best time for smug attitude, it’s a time for being grateful and humble.

It could also be the case where perhaps you have been in a disagreement with someone and they back down, this is not you winning, this is them wanting to push past the disagreement and keep you in their life positively. Look at things from a different perspective, and you will see a whole world of love and comfort awaiting you.

There may be good news on the way, but consider that this benefit to you may come at a cost for others. This could also mean that you get away with doing something that you know you shouldn’t be doing – be cautious here!

Ultimately, you have interesting energy this month. Whilst there is good, there is also going to be slight sacrifices. Overall, the reward will outweigh the bad. Remain humble this month, and take this greatness with both hands.

Love & Romance

Remember this month, Virgo, to embrace the ups and downs of life. Acceptance is key, and passivity is not. You must be grateful for when all is going well in your inner circle with relationships and connections. You may have been facing hardships recently, and you are being urged to not be discouraged.

This month, do not be passive. Step out of your comfort zone and welcome this change in fortune. Bring forward your optimism, and give situations a chance. There may be external factors incluencing your relationships currently. Ensure you are assessing your situations with a clear and honest mind. What factors could be at play here? What externally is causing these difficulties?

Money & Career

You are going to need clear communication this month, Virgo. Ensure you are an open book with those in the household who need to be regarded with financial matters. There needs to be action taken, and you need to be fast on your feet.

Projects will need ethusiasm this month, and there will be no better person than you to bring it to the team. Don’t forget to be fast out of the gate, and ensure you are being productive where possible. This is not the time for laziness, or to be deep in thought. You need to be out there and having a ‘go get ’em’ attitude! You could describe such attitude as an ‘aggressively passionate’ one. This will be your most effective tool this month. Ethusiasm and action is going to be the key to get you to where you want to be. It’s not a month for staying put.

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