Aquarius – November Tarotscope

Aquarius – The Water Bearer


You will be quite restless this month, Aquarius. Your mind is going to be swimming with new ideas that will look attainable. These new ideas will bring you fresh beginnings, however you need to be persistent. Your efforts will be strong, and there is plenty of potential here for you.

There is a new start in your life. Perhaps you are moving to a new location, new lover, or embarking on a new journey in your career – there are lots of exciting new aspects in your life at play. You are shedding the old and welcoming the new.

Be mindful that with this new change, there will be some discomfort from the change of routine. Be open to it, and if the change is harsh – try and find ways to turn this growth positive as new opportunities will soon be offered.

Love & Romance

There is emotional good news on the horizon for you. It looks as though there are new opportunities coming forward, such as a new lover or good change within current relationships. You will be feeling blissful, excited and potentially full of lust. There will be a fierce spark coming, something that will ignite you entirely. This will be a feeling that you will be unable to ignore.

It will be important to listen to your intuition this month, Aquarius, as it is clear here that your gut feeling is going to lead you to where you need to be. Be on the look out for the gentle, warm people in your life as there may be a diamond in the rough. It will surprise you with what is able to grow from this.

Money & Career

Now is the time to be grateful for all that you have, and remain grateful for what will be ahead. Things will be working comfortably and harmoniously within your household and you will be feeling appreciative for the calm waters as it may have been quite rocky financially recently.

Perhaps you are awaiting good news, maybe you put an offer on a house and you will receive notice that it has been approved. This could also mean that there is a positive outcome in the household, maybe yourself or a family member is awaiting feedback regarding a job offer and they will soon receive positive news.

Take comfort in knowing that there are rewards around the corner, and that this is the end to what has been quite a long road. Enjoy the happiness that awaits you this month, Aquarius.

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