Capricorn – November Tarotscope

Capricorn – The Goat


Know that you can escape the restriction that you are currently feeling, should you choose to. You are choosing to not see your way through the troubling time that you are in and you are being called to stop delaying the inevitable decision at hand.

There is a focus around denial here in November, Capricorn. There may be something that you are choosing not to see in your personal or work life. You may be choosing to turn a blind eye because you think that the problem may sort itself out on its own. This is not the way that you should be handling things. You need to take a step forward and face the reality that is upon you.

You may be feeling a sense of hopelessness and think that ignoring the matters at hand will help, but know that the truth ultimately will find its way whether you are comfortable or not.

Love & Romance

Your time and efforts are being wasted here, Capricorn. You are struggling to see that the person you are channelling all of your energy into is not returning the same. You may be feeling quite discouraged, and this discouraging feeling is making you try harder. They are not as committed or willing as you are in this connection.

You are being urged to see if this situation is worth all the energy and exhaustion. When you think about this connection, you are feeling frustrated. You are unable to see why you are not seeing further growth from all of the hard work that you have put in. Know that there is no further growth because they are not on the same page as you.

Consider all the possibilities here, and pull this person up on the fact that they are unwilling to carry their own weight.

Money & Career

Things have not been working out as planned and it looks as though you will be taking this month to stop, assess and look at a different approach.

There is a potential here for you to make a choice. You have placed yourself knowingly in the position for choices, perhaps you have been applying yourself for potential opportunities (applying for jobs, or school positions). You may be keeping your options open and waiting to see where the chips will fall, and you will be quick to snap on a decision should it suit you in the right manner.

Whilst there will be indecisiveness, you will be strong and well suited for the ripples that will come from the path that you do choose to take. This decision is not one that will be light hearted, it is a decision for your future. This comes through in the form of a job offer, investment, educational acceptance or a proposal in some form. Consider all your options.

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