Numerology Forecast: 5/11/2020

Today is a Master number day, 11..

11 energy is all about illumination..

11 Energy is best summarised as:

  • Illumination
  • Star quality
  • Charismatic
  • Intelligent
  • In depth awareness of the world
  • Melancholy
  • Isolated
  • Fearful

11 is all about illumination. Picture a mask that is so beautiful and perfect you do not second guess what lies underneath.

This energy is fantastic for:

  • Guiding those around you to a state of awareness
  • Using distractions from life’s purposes
  • Refining characteristics and self perceptions
  • Enjoying nature and all of it’s beauty
  • Turning inwards and working on spiritual growth
  • Connecting with oneself
  • Seeing both sides of a situation
  • Understanding that there is more than what meets the eye
  • Heightening humanitarian awareness
  • Understanding situations deeper as well as others around you

How can you best utilise 11 energy?

  • Look around you and see who is ‘masked’, dig deeper in your relationships and connections with others
  • Work with your self esteem and mental health
  • Go with your adaptability of situations and allow yourself to roll with the waves as they arise
  • Seek guidance where it is needed, allow yourself to be helped

We all have our own side that we do not allow others to see..

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