Pisces – November Tarotscope

Pisces – The Fishes


You may be feeling as though you are getting off task this month, Pisces. It may be quite hard for you to remain focused, and you will need to be putting in the hard work in order to reap the end results that you are after.

Be careful that you are not putting in a lot of your energy into a task that will not give you the sense of fulfilment that you are hoping for. This can also mean that you are observing areas of your life such as business and relationships, and seeing that your energy is being wasted. This would be quite a hard position to stand in, and it may be quite challenging to come to understand.

Know that not all paths that you walk down will lead to open doors, it will be wise to keep an open mind for alternative routes this month.

Love & Romance

There may be a problematic relationship from the past that is still causing lingering waves in your current life. Be careful of these situations, and try withdraw yourself from the dramatics where you can. If this is not the case, there will be a new found conflict that is causing you upset that you may be trying to leave behind.

You are being urged to set things aside and focus on your future ahead, Pisces. There is no need to continue your suffering any further, and if you toy with the idea of a potential fight, you will reach a point where the energy will be getting drained from you faster than you are willing to give.

Money & Career

It is a great time for communication such as network building, rather than taking a more confrontational approach in the workforce. This month you will certainly be having quite magnetic energy, people are going to be drawn to you and it will be a great time for utilising that energy for your own benefit.

Nurture new ideas and projects. New endeavours will await you. It is a perfect month to build from the ground up, however you must focus on nurturing business relationships as they will be your key to succession.

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