Sagittarius – November Tarotscope

Sagittarius – The Archer


This is going to be a month full of responsibilities. You will need to be taking caution, Sagittarius. You will be feeling frustrated that projects you have at hand are not getting anywhere, it will feel as though you are currently stagnant in life and your stubborn way of looking at things is allowing emotions fester.

It appears as though things may just catch you off guard for this month. Perhaps you have had investments and opportunities in the works, and it will turn out that the resolution was not as secure as you thought. Plans will fall through, and people may surprise you with their lack of consistency.

You may be feeling quite impatient, and your impulsive decision making will be feeling out of control. Reel yourself in. Focus on showing how trustworthy and reliable you truly can be. You will find that if you continue to be rash, you will not be given any reward further down the line.

Love & Romance

You are currently in a stage of progression. You may have set your eyes on a particular person, and this relationship will be growing the way that you wish for it to.

This also calls for your own personal growth, you are developing into the partner that you truly wish to be. Your values are in place, and you know what you want. You are willing to work for it within yourself. You are in a stage of renewal, things are changing. You are changing. The potential here is looking optimistic.

There is an air of hope and healing here, no matter what the case or where you are – you are feeling positive and your mind is advancing into higher thought. Proceed with confidence.

Money & Career

There are blockages in the way with your creativity this month, Sagittarius. You may be steered away from a path that would be benefiting you more directly. Your goals will be hindered throughout this month by external forces, and you may be feeling motivated for other things that are calling out to you.

Be careful of focusing too much on things that may not provide any fruit, you may channel a lot of your time and efforts into something that will lead you ultimately to disappointment.

You will notice that this month has a heavy focus around financial matters, your awareness will be strong. Remember to treat those that you are dealing with financially with kindness and compassion, as things may not go as you hope them to. Be clear with your communication, and remain focused.

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