Bloodstone (Heliotrope) Properties

Bloodstone (also known as Heliotrope) has quite the back story, and a religious one at that. It is said that Bloodstone ties to the blood falling onto the green grass as Jesus was stabbed by a Roman soldier during crucifixion.

Bloodstone was well known long before the time of Christ, as it was previously known as Sun Stone (Not actually Sunstone, don’t worry, it is just due to the occasional red spots that can be seen on it). Keep in mind Bloodstone goes by Heliotrope, which in Greek ‘Helios’ means ‘Sun’, and ‘Trepein’ means ‘To turn’. This was from the belief when Bloodstone (Heliotrope) was placed in the rays of the setting sun or in water, the reflection of the sun turned to blood red.

Continuing further, Roman soldiers believed that Bloodstone had the ability to slow bleeding, which made it a fantastic talisman for success during games. They weren’t the only ones who used Bloodstone for slowing bleeding, in India they also apply the crystal to wounds or injuries. This stems from the beauty of science, actually, as Bloodstone has iron oxide within it.

Additionally, there have been stories about Bloodstone and the ability for it to be able to preserve health and youth, whilst also be known for the use of invisibility and even making rain fall.


Bloodstone (Heliotrope) is a cryptocrystalline mixture of Quartz (Jasper generally occurs) or Chalcedony. This means, it will either be opaque or translucent.

Traditional Bloodstone is green Jasper (Opaque), with red spotting Hematite. This is generally where Bloodstone gets its name from, as it can often resemble spots of blood.

Benefits Of Bloodstone
Soul protecting
Aids with travelling between world/realms
Assists with withdrawing from situations when needed
Provides courage to front situations when needed
Assists with clarity and breaking mental confusion
Keeps away negative/dark entities
Helps with adjusting to new circumstances
Assists with living in the present and letting go of the past
Purifies your being by raising your vibrations

Health benefits:

Bloodstone can be mixed with additional ingredients (when powdered) such as egg whites and honey to withdraw snake venom, and even assist with haemorrhages and tumors.

It can assist with nosebleeds, blood, kidneys – all of those lovely things. It has been suggested just even looking at Bloodstone can assist with preventing eye diseases (everyone grab your crystals!).

Use Bloodstone to stimulate your immune system, as it can ward off colds and the flu. You can also use Bloodstone to lessen infectious wounds, and even reduce the severity of pus on injuries.


You can identify Bloodstone quite easily, it’s a nice one for recognising. The first thing to look for is the deep green (in some lighting it may look closer to black), the green is the mineral Chlorite (or a mixture of Hornblende mineral). The main thing to scope around for is that the crystal will have red spotting across it. The spotting occasionally can be a mixture of browns and oranges as well – this is generally due to the lovely iron oxide which we mentioned above. The variation of Hematite is what can shift this appearance.

To summarise, dark green (can often appear a deeper, emerald-ish black) with red/brown/orange spotting. Think of a dragon egg.

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