Clear Quartz Properties

Clear Quartz, the master superhero that wears all of the capes. Clear Quartz is a fantastic all rounder, and it goes perfect in just about all ‘first aid’ kits when it comes to crystal healing.

If you are after a gentle first starter crystal, a crystal to cleanse your decks, or just a crystal to have in the living room to help the energy this is the crystal for you. It’s gentle, yet super powerful all the same. It’s the best go to if you are unsure on what you are after, or starting out on your crystal journey.

Clear Quartz

Did you know that Clear Quartz is an Oxide mineral? It’s found in almost every country, which makes it the second most abundant mineral. Feldspar is the firstmost abundant mineral.

Quartz is a six sided prism, which terminates at the top with a six sided pyramid on either end. Sometimes with Quartz cuts you will find that the tip can come to a point, and then end can be a rough formation from the cutting dependant on the supplier. You can purchase Quartz in all sorts of cuts, or even clusters.

Benefits Of Clear Quartz

Protects against negativity

Provides clarity

Relieves pain

Expands consciousness

Facilitates open communication

Stimulates all Chakras

Eliminates energy blockages

Encourages a smooth flow of energy throughout the body

Health benefits:

Clear quartz is known as the ‘master healer’ as it is good for aiding a number of things such as balancing the emotions, cleansing negativity and the aura, strengthening the immune system, increasing physical energy and speeding up healing processes.


Clear Quartz is colourless and transparent. There may be the smallest bit of cloudiness, which may look smudged inside, but overall it should be colourless and transparent. As Quartz is silicon/oxygen, it is very distinctly easily to identify.

Note that when you are after a Clear Quartz crystal, it will come to a pyramid point with six sides. As I mentioned above, the crystal can come in all sorts of formations depending on how it was cut/formed. It depends what you are after, but note that Clear Quartz is generally with hexagonal prisms with 6 sides, and it is colourless/transparent.

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