Numerology Guide – New Updated Pages

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all doing well this lovely morning. I have spent some time updating the Numerology Guide section of this website, you will find that there is some new information placed in there.

I have spent some time writing up definitions for what specific things are called when Numerologists look at your birth charts. You may see people saying what their Life Path (Ruling) numbers are and have no idea what this means. It is important when finding out what your numbers may be for all sorts of things that you take in the entirity of your chart. Your Ruling number may be one thing, whilst your Soul Urge number is entirely different. They may conflict, cause chaos or work beautifully together and you would be none the wiser. Every piece of the puzzle needs to be placed together in order to have an adequate understanding when it comes to Numerology. It is the study of numbers, afterall!

So, are you interested in learning what these random words mean? The pages recently uploaded are as follows:

Your Ruling Number

Your Day Number

Your Expression Number

Your Personality Number

Your Growth Number

Your Soul Urge Number

Your Maturity Number

Pinnacle Cycles

There will be information coming soon on how to calculate these numbers (And your Personal Month and Personal Year). For now, there is a dedicated page on how to find out your Ruling number here.

Additionally, I will have information up on what each energy means and how best to utilise it in future.

For more Numerology related content, I post daily Numerology forecasts here, as well as monthly forecasts here.

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming week!


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