Nuummite Properties

Does tapping into the Void interest you? Or perhaps you have been interested in learning about the oldest mineral ever discovered, which is Nuummite. We are talking nearly 4 billion years old. Wow – crazy, right?


Nuumite is an interesting and incredibly rare crystal. True Nuumite is only found in Greenland, where it was discovered from volcanic origins. It can only be mined at specific times of the year due to harsh weather conditions, which makes it even rarer as it’s difficult to get.

This beautiful crystal is made up of 2 rarely seen minerals, Anthophyllite and Gertie. Nuummite is breathtakingly beautiful, and it’s a fairly desired crystal that many want to get their hands on.

Sadly, not many know it’s history. It’s been known for it’s connection to the Void, and it has been known to be called The Sorcerer’s Stone. It has incredibly deep, magical ties as ancient beliefs speak highly of Nuummite.

Benefits Of Nuummite

Connects the physical and spiritual realm

Aids with mental blockages

Assists with physical exhaustion (promotes energy)

Assists with inner awareness

Releases Karmic energy

Heals Auric weakness

Aids with insomnia

Protects soul during sleep

Protects you from negative energy attachment

Aids with emotional trauma

Health benefits:

Nuummite is fantastic at relieving tension headaches. When held over the pancreas, it can regulate the flow of insulin. It’s wonderful for balancing the energy and heat flow in the body. Nuummite can aid with Parkinson’s and other degenerative diseases as it can energetically regenerate the brain’s limbic system and the cellular structures. It can re-calibrate the subtle nervous system and neural pathways.


Nuummite is opaque and black in colour. There is a iridescence shine to it, with a yellow band when polished. Genuine Nuummite is only from Greenland (Nuuk), so when purchasing if it states it’s from elsewhere it isn’t the ‘proper’ Nuummite. Be ready to see your bank weep when you see the prices of genuine Nuummite, phew.

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