Obsidian Properties


Obsidian is an incredibly powerful and strong stone. It is not to be used/worn lightly, as it can tend to be quite overbearing.

With history of being used to help sharpen arrowheads, protect warriors and the sheer fact that Obsidian is made from molten lava and cooled incredibly fast, it is no wonder that it has such fierce energy.

It’s a decisive and active stone, which means there is nothing soft about it in the slightest. It’s energy is loud and proud.

This stone won’t beat around the bush as it gives you direct and strong answers.

Benefits Of Obsidian

Grounding mentally and spiritually

Surfacing your good and bad side

Strengthens spiritual abilities

Psychic protection

Aids in breaking negative habits

Releases disharmony

Draws out mental stress

Clears mind from confusion

Health benefits:

– Detoxifying

– Digestion aid

– Joint pain aid such as arthritis


Obsidian is only black or opaque. There is no such thing as coloured Obsidian.

You will notice a shininess or a glass like appearance when chipped or polished, be mindful with the tips as Obsidian is sharp. Be mindful of the formation, as Obsidian isn’t a crystal form – remember what Obsidian is made from originally.

Obsidian is 65-80% silica and has a chemical composition similar to rhyolite.

Technically, Obsidian isn’t crystalline material meaning it is not a crystal. It’s melting state freezes too fast for crystals to form, which means it’s a natural glass.

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