October 2020 Numerology Forecast

Number 5 – October 2020

For October 2020, it is going to be a very emotionally driven month as the number sits at number five (5).

Number five (5) energy is essentially the ‘Heart Chakra’ in Numerology. The energy will be incredibly focused around freedom and love, however keep in mind that this brings lack of attention, high strung emotions and if negatively influenced boredom.

When you work with five (5) energy, if you are working with it positively, it can be quite a nice energy. This energy can be fantastic creatively, so if you are an artistic type of person you may find yourself very inspired and passionate in all things that inspire you.

This energy is laid-back, carefree and very much so ‘live and let live’ attitude. Going hand in hand with this, there is a strong dislike for rules, regulations, prejudice, judgement and narrow-minded people.

Freedom of expression is important for people this month, they have the strong need to have their voice heard. There will be a lot of conflict if this voice is quietened, or not allowed the platform to be able to voice their rights for freedom. Organisations that share the same idea and love for freedom along with environmental concerns will be joined in cause for action in October. A lot of Organisations will be pushing for greater purpose, potentially politically, through creative avenues.

People are in need of a life where no two days are the same. History has been repeating itself, and this is no longer something people are standing for. A change is required, and people need to work in an environment where it is allowing this. There are going to be many entrepreneurs/self-employed people that will be working for others in this stance, and many are pushing against restrictions for their freedom.

There is so much restlessness this October, as people are feeling as though their lives are no longer theirs. There is judgement and narrow-minded people surfacing that is causing discomfort for many. People are not understanding others needs, and many feel as though they need time away from home, whereas others are in disagreement. This is a clash between two minds.

People will find boredom coming easily this month. The attention span is going to be short, unless they have tasks they enjoy busying them away. It will be hard to be torn from doing things that you genuinely enjoy, as number five (5) energy is all about creativity and inspiration.

There will be a strong desire for being outside and going to different places, which is going to be challenging in this Covid time. So this may be the strong pull towards a fight for freedom type of energy, but exploring different environments may need to be held off this month. There will be a strong struggle for following rules, and many may be finding issues in regards to this. This is going to lead to problems politically, as people are not going to like being told what to do and they will want answers on why certain rules are in place.

For this month I see people happy as long as they aren’t feeling controlled or told to change. For example, some may be happy isolating in their bubble, whereas others don’t want to and want to be back to ‘old ways’ with their freedom – these two people should not be harassing one another with their differing opinions. It’s toxic energy that no one needs this year.

Whilst October is all about freedom and change, it will only be enjoyable if those are choosing this themselves. If people want change, they will fight for it, but they won’t want it if being forced.

Keywords for this month: Freedom, change, love, conflict, boredom, clashing, creativity, inspiration, collaboration

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