Selenite Properties

It is said that Selenite grows with the Waxing moon, and withdraws with a Waning moon. Any connection to the moon suggests power of the Goddess, which emphasises the sheer strength and beauty of such a crystal. The wonderful thing about this is that Selenite is named after Greek σεληνη, “The Moon”.

Selenite has a beautiful myth around it’s purpose here on Earth. There is a Kabbalistic creation myth that suggests Selenite has a duty to reunite shards of divine light and bring them home their original source.


Selenite is a variety of Gypsum. Gypsum is one of the most common Sulfate minerals in the world. Most Selenite comes from Mexico, Morocco and Madagascar. Selenite is one of four crystal structured varieties of Gypsum (Desert Rose, Satin Spar and Gypsum Flower).

The greatest information when it comes to Gypsum is the enormous caves they are formed within. Upon research, it has been recorded that a large formation of Selenite found was 12 metres long and weighing a whopping 55000kgs (55 tonnes). This is up there on the list of largest crystals ever found.

Benefits Of Selenite

Clarity of mind

Cleanses negative energy within both physical and subtle etheric bodies

Relieves pain

Encourages relaxation

Good for tapping into past lives

White or transparent crystals have a higher vibration that can help open the Crown/Higher Chakras

Brings Divine light into everything it touches

Aids emotional energy

Releases core feelings

Helps you understand inner processes and integrate shadow qualities

Wonderful for feminine divine power

Auric cleanser and healer

Calms mood swings

Health benefits:

Selenite can aid protection from evil spirits. In Ancient times, Selenite was often kept in sickrooms, and Priests were known to smear Selenite on doors.

Any psychosomatic illnesses and emotional blockages have had great success with the use of Selenite.

Selenite has aided with Epileptic attacks. It has wonderful properties to assist with supporting nerves and neural pathways. There has been information provided to suggest Selenite has been able to assist with ageing of the skeletal body and skin.

As Selenite is fantastic for the feminine divine power, it leads to use with menopause as well as puberty. It can assist with mood swings in addition to this as it is an emotional stabiliser.


Remember that Selenite is one of four (4) different varieties, they all have their differences and this leads towards the same path when it comes to identification. I’m covering Selenite here, as the other varieties are of their own.

Selenite represents the moon, as mentioned above. This goes for it’s characteristics, it’s colourless, and it can be transparent. The opacity and/or colour that can occur in Selenite is often caused from the combination of other minerals such as Druse. Druse is micro crystals formed upon the surface or within Selenite itself, it’s a combination of another crystal or geode, so it may confuse you but this is a natural occurrence.

Selenite has a silky, pearlescent fibrous form. It is not water safe, and it can be easily scratched with a fingernail.

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