Sunstone Properties

Sunstone is known as the stone of the Sun, which may not surprise you given by it’s name. It has been used as a compass, not only within physical form but also spiritual. It’s been thought to be a useful navigation stone over the many, many years of it’s existence.

In ancient times, many ships have been found with Sunstone, however one that I find most fascinating is that the Vikings used Sunstone for many purposes. We have found Sunstone within ancient Viking’s graves, which we have only guessed was used to guide the soul to Valhalla. It has been said Sunstone was tied to the ship’s mast to aid with navigation as it refracts light which on a cloudy day it means it can help you find the sun.


Sunstone is within the Feldspar group. Plagioclas minerals within the Feldspar group to be precise. Plagioclase has a series of framework silicate, which is commonly known as Tectosilicate.

Sunstone is most commonly located in Southern Norway (Tvedestrand), but there are various other locations. Interestingly, Sunstone has been found in South Australia along it’s beaches.

There are various types of Sunstone, sadly it’s exact identity has yet to be confirm due to so many different variations. Something to note when purchasing Sunstone – if what you see is iridescent, orange/yellow or translucent it may be a volcanic Feldspar crystal, or most commonly sold these days an orange/red variation of Aventurine.

Benefits Of Sunstone

Revitalises the body
Revitalises the mind
Works well with Moonstone to balance feminine/masculine energy
Aids muscular/joint discomfort
Energises the body
Aids confidence
Boosts self awareness
Aids with ‘getting the job done!’
Wonderful for helping you stand your ground
Self empowering
Brings out your childish side

Health benefits:

Aids with joint and muscular pain, as it revitalises and brings energy to the body.

Aids with seasonal adjustment, if you are a prone sufferer of getting unhappy during the Winter months, Sunstone will bring you great benefit.

Harmonises feminine and masculine energy when worked with Moonstone when placed on the Base Chakra as it works through to the Crown Chakra.


Remember there is no confirmed ‘genuine’ Sunstone, don’t be fooled! There are many variations. Sunstone can be a range of colours – yellow, orange, red but it can even be transparent. It depends where it has been mined, as mentioned it can be mined in various locations, Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, United States. There are many locations. If the Sunstone you are looking at is pastel pink, with flakes of yellow – this is a possibility!

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