Aquarius – December Tarotscope

Aquarius – The Water Bearer


You have gone through a difficult time recently, Aquarius. Know that these experiences you have faced have made you stronger, and you are being urged that through these experiences you hold onto what you have learned. Learn from the past, that is the best way to move forward.

The situations may not have had to have happened, could things have been avoided when you reflect on them? Was there anything that you could have done to prevent it from getting to the level that it did? The shadows followed you for too long, and this negative headspace must come to an end. Stand up and take yourself away from this darkness.

Speak to those around you. Know that you are not alone, and you can embrace your challenges in a new light by reflecting and knowing how far you have come. Start the mending process, you are in control.

Love & Romance

You are draining yourself to allow others to float. Your power and energy is being given away more than it should be. Materialistic needs are not of importance here, although you are allowing them to be at play.

It is important to seek balance here, and not allow yourself to be overruled. Where is the balance in your inner circle? You need to draw appropriate boundaries where you allow yourself room to be in your own emotional power without allowing yourself to be readily available for others.

Don’t carry the burdens of others around you, or allow them to do that for you. Everyone must be equal and carry their own, as this imbalance cannot withstand the pressures of life as time goes on. Things can fall apart faster than you could imagine, you must seek balance while you have the chance to mend the structure.

Money & Career

Recent troubles you were facing are passing, and happiness is coming forward. Perhaps you have been struggling to find a new job, or you have been battling financial troubles and income is finally flowing in.

You will be receiving what you have been wishing for in the coming weeks, and this will come with a sense of fulfillment. It will feel as though luck is on your side. Enjoy the much needed good energy coming through, Aquarius! Welcome the new beginnings with open arms.


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