Aries – December Tarotscope

Aries – The Ram


This month be sure to give all aspects of your life your attention. There may be parts that you are neglecting where you need to bring forth reasoning and solutions, as you have been straying from the ultimate balance that is required.

You will need to focus on your gut feelings in regards to connections with others, as there may be an air of dishonesty and illusion. Someone may be playing off that they are stronger than what they are, their aloof behaviour is not real, you need to be there for them in a manner of comfort and warmth. Trust in your intellect and intuition, as together they will guide you to where is best.

Love & Romance

New opportunities within the relationship department may not go as you had once hoped, as directions may be shifted and you will feel that the initial spark has dwindled. Your enthusiasm will not be there, and this is completely natural.

Be careful to jump before you think this month, Aries. You may be feeling quite restless in your current stance, but do not be a fool for this restlessness and make a decision that you will regret shortly once it is made. Try and look at the wider picture. Know that new doors will open with this abrupt closure on what was once exciting new territory.

Communication is going to be quite crucial this month. Remind yourself that no one is able to read your mind, your body language can only go so far. You are going to need to speak up, be brutally honest, and allow change to take place where possible.

Money & Career

It would be wise to avoid extremities this month. Perhaps you will be on the path to finding balance between your worklife and home life, as it appears that you are currently not doing both in moderation.

You may be not applying yourself enough to work, and too much at home – or vice versa. Whichever one this is, there is conflict and excessive stress/tension being brought forward due to your behaviour. Be honest with how this is affecting your life. Examine where you are engaging most of your energy and attention.

Overall, ensure you are not spending excessive periods of your time away from home. This could be due to travel, working over time, spending too much time with colleagues, or just quite simply taking your sweet time to get home in general. Your worklife is causing one person to bear an overloaded amount of work, this is bringing a lot of responsibility to the table for them that you are not handling appropriately. You may be able to help them if you wish to, ensure that you find a healthy balance and work with your household as team.

Communicate. Is your home life overbearing and stressing you out after a hard day of work? Avoidance is not the key here. Avoiding the pattern will not resolve. You will need to speak with household members, as they are feeling the heat as much as you are. See where you can assist them, and also offload some of the weight on your own for them to assist you. Work as a team. Remember, you need balance.


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