Cancer – December Tarotscope

Cancer – The Crab


It is important for you to embrace your softer side this month, Cancer. Embrace your nuturing, compassionate and empathetic side. There will be people around you that are in need of your softer energy, rather than your pincers.

Your creativity is going to thrive this month, and you will see that your artistic achievements will be not only powerful but successful as your ability to connect to your inner emotions will thrive. You will be internally glowing, rather than having a need for expressing externally your inner depth. Your depth will be shown through creativity and imagination.

Love & Romance

For this month, Cancer, it will be important to let go of grudges, revenge and the way that you have seeked for negative cause. You may have been so focused on causing havoc for the pain that has been brought to you by your significant other, but you need to understand the damage that can be caused from this. The damage may already be done, but new growth can always occur should you allow it.

Focus on advancing change in your relationship dynamics. There will be hope and change in the near future, you must allow the positive growth to come forward and release the pain that you have held onto. Renewal is there if you welcome it, if you are too closed off from recovery, this will not bring you to the ultimate end that you are after.

You can put the brakes on at any time, and you do want there to be humility and optimism in the future. In order to get there, you need to be generous with your forgiveness.

Money & Career

In order for new beginnings, sometimes things will need to come to an end. The walls will be getting torn down, in order for new ones to build up. The change is going to be uncomfortable, and you will feel a sense of misfortune and pain. There may be lots of questions on the ins and outs of this change, but you will also feel liberated.

You must brace yourself for the road ahead, and know that with loss comes gain. There is going to be a major shift in your career path, or potentially even financially. You will find yourself scraping the barrel before the income finds its way back in. The best thing that you can do in this situation, is to not be in denial. You must learn from the journey and you cannot close your eyes on the next few steps ahead. Take it in, observe, learn, and gain a new understanding.

There is no stopping this train ahead, the motions are in place and you must come to your senses. Remember, a calm sea never made a skilled sailor.

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