Capricorn – December Tarotscope

Capricorn – The Goat


This month will hold ample fulfillment, contentment and happiness for you, Capricorn. It is a brilliant time for you to spark up those new ideas that you have had floating around, and channel your energy into those fruitful beginnings.

You will have good energy flowing around you, where people will be drawn towards your new endeavours. This will work in your favour if you are sprinkling seeds for potential growth down certain avenues. Ensure you focus on strengthening your networking this month, as it is a fantastic time to build on new connections and friendships.

Love & Romance

You are feeling torn in your current situation. Whilst you feel stuck, you also know that you can leave at any time. You are unsure on where you stand, and where you want to go. Perhaps you feel as though you are in a bind where you want to be honest with the world around you, however you know that you are bound to silence. You are choosing not to act or speak on a situation, where a certain part of you may want to.

You are choosing to not see that there is a way to freedom, as your mind is convincing you otherwise. Know that you can and you must get out of this trap you have placed upon yourself, this is very much so mental rather than physical at play here.

This negative way of thinking is not benefiting you. It is time to let yourself be free, and walk towards a brighter future.

Money & Career

It appears as though you will be receiving closure in regards to a project coming to an end or an answer to something that has been lingering in your life the last few months.

This is not the end of the journey for you, whilst a certain project or closure is brought ahead you must look at this as a sense of rest. This will be a time for you to recharge, gather your ducks in a row, before you set sail and continue pointing in the same direction. It is the right path.

New success and prosperity will be coming forward, so enjoy your down time while you can and rest up!


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