Gemini – December Tarotscope

Gemini – The Twins


Good news, Gemini, there is a shift in the energy for you and you will be moving away from difficulties that you have been facing. Up ahead looks unclear and a bit scary, but you will be hopeful that this path is going to lead you to optimistic opportunities. It is a much needed change for you.

There is going to be a sense of freedom, where you will feel as though the world has opened up for you and you may toy with the idea of travel or be interested in taking a longer than usual route to get to where you hope to be. This also could lead to opportunities of growth within the household, and bringing a nice change of scenery.

Keep your eyes peeled for potential new opportunities where a quick decision may need to be made. You are being encouraged to do this, as now is the time to advance. Don’t hold yourself back. Set sail on new adventures this month, Gemini!

Love & Romance

Be careful with materialistic tendancies or superficiality this month, Gemini. You may be turning down your nose at a genuinely good person because of what they have, rather than what they are.

Know that this shift in your mentality will be causing quite a lot of changes not just in your current life, but this is a domino effect for the future. The decisions you make now are equally as important as any. Choices shift your journey all together, no matter how big or small.

You may be coming across as selfish and greedy, this may require further effort to reestablish a good connection with your family/outer circle. Ensure you are not isolating yourself or causing pain to others, you will need to work on open communication and be clear with your intentions.

Money & Career

It is a great time to be looking at investments or channel your energy into the business adventures that you have been procrastinating over. There is going to be a shift in your financial stance, which brings forward more opportunities and possibilities.

If you have been holding out for a message, sign or approval – this month you will be receiving notification. When you do, ensure you act upon it. The next step awaits you, and it will be time to act.

There is a lot room for progression. You are desiring bigger and better and now is the time to move. Ensure that you hold onto the hope that has been getting you through the previous murky waters, because this is going to be the power that pulls you through.


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