Leo – December Tarotscope

Leo – The Lion


There will be a lot of high intensity stress this month for you, Leo. You may find yourself in an air of self-torment and despair, however know that you are unable to control the external sources. The thing that you can control is your mind, and you will need to be your own self motivator this month and ride through the storm as best as you can.

You will find yourself having to be quite tough with yourself and cutting through to the root of the issues. You may need to cut through some weeds before you get through to the problem, and it will be quite uncomfortable. You will need to stop delaying, and just get to it!

The issues at hand are not ones that you can resolve, these are long and deep rooted issues that have developed over quite some time. You will not be able to change the course, and there is nothing that you could have done differently. The only thing that you can do is make peace within yourself and push forward.

Love & Romance

There is going to be a lot of emotional intensity in December for you, Leo. You are going to be overindulging in a lot of areas that require balance in your private life, with this overindulgance there will be lots of lust and greediness at play.

This greediness will leave you with a sense of wanting to bite off more than you can chew. Your strong urges will be leaving you with a lingering sense that there is not enough passionate and fiery energy from other parties.

You are being cautioned with pursuing your desires, as the cost will outweigh the reward. Know that with what you are asking for, there is an abundance of it right in front of you. You are going to be blindfolded, and not appreciating what you already have. Be aware of asking far too much from others.

The energy that is around you, may be because you have received an outcome to a situation that you truly have wanted for quite some time. The outcome may not live up to your expectations and you are left feeling empty handed.

Money & Career

Unfortunately this month, Leo, things will not turn as you wish for them to. It appears as though you may have been hopeful for things to turn out in a certain way and it does not meet or exceed your expectations.

Perhaps you were hopeful for a decent pay increase, an acceptance for a job application, or perhaps some form of investment progression and this does not happen. The timing does not matter, there was nothing that you could have done differently or asked for. You planted the seeds, and unfortunately sometimes growth doesn’t occur from every seed. In saying this, sometimes the growth can be different to what you originally thought. Difference is not all often that negative, make it work for you.

Be mindful when trying to bring action to new ideas or opportunities, as they may bring a false start that will raise your expectations and in fact fall through. You will be restless, and you need to ensure that this energy doesn’t force you to take action on something that you did not think through properly.


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