Libra – December Tarotscope

Libra – The Scales


This year has been quite a hard one for you, Libra. You have been brought lots of self reflection, and you have been working on building up your self esteem and gathering an understanding on your self worth.

You will find yourself uncovering more and more depth inside of yourself. This month is going to bring you lots of self understanding, and you will gather strength to know that you can stand on your own and be as stronger than ever. You will be working on your mind, body and soul.

You are being urged to work on investing in yourself this month, as this will bring forward ample opportunities and success. Say goodbye to caution, bring forward your new found balance and strength that has come with finding yourself after such troubling times.

Love & Romance

As you saw in your overview, Libra, this is quite a powerful month for you. However, it appears as though there is certainly someone in your life that is trying to dampen this power. You may find yourself feeling empowered, only to have this person attempt to squish this down.

You may slip into a space where you are ignoring your intuition and lacking control when it comes to this person involved in your life. Ensure you are listening to what your mind/gut are saying, as you need to be self disciplined here and pull back when it is time to pull back.

Do not rely on the thoughts and actions of those around you, as you must pull yourself out of this never ending cycle and focus on being your own hero. You can do it not just this month, but at any time. You are worthy of the love that you are craving.

Money & Career

Whilst there are changes that are not in your favour, you will be coming up on the better end. It is time to consider how you can regain control, and make situations and events work in your best interest. You will find yourself trying to swim against the current, as you may not like the way that things have changed.

Remind yourself to not fight against this change, change is healthy and required here. Things tend to resolve themselves if you provide the time, do not make a decision on a rough day. Focus on finding acceptance here, and look at new opportunties as they unfold.


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