Pisces – December Tarotscope

Pisces – The Fishes


There is incoming prosperity, and this also points in the direction that a wise figure may come forward this month for you, Pisces. No – this is not Santa Claus, although I wouldn’t rule it out. This character will be kind hearted, and they may potentially become a rather important figure in your near future.

This energy coming forward is generous, confident and they will aid you with their realm of experience in life. This energy is to help you not underestimate the importance of your path to succession. Education is crucial, but so is developing a sense of knowledge in areas that you may find yourself having a brief gap. Don’t discard their information that is being brought to you, as this is fundamental for your future.

Love & Romance

When it rains, it pours. Pisces, you may have quite the disruption in your love life this month. In order for new walls to be built, the old ones need to come down. You will be going through a large transformative journey this month, and it may be quite disruptive to your usual routine.

Things will be feeling uneasy and different, but with this pain comes opportunity for growth that will follow shortly after. Keep your eyes on the greater message here, as the energy will feel harsh but liberating. This change coming forward will feel unbelievably challenging, but know that the truth will come through and you will notice a shift in your understanding of situations moving ahead.

Money & Career

This month, Pisces, you are being called to have trust in yourself. Listen to your intuition, and let it guide you. If you believe in yourself, you will find much luck coming your way and new beginnings will begin to unfold.

The darkness you have been struggling with, will be coming to an end. The end is in sight, and new opportunities will be unfolding before you should you follow your feet in the direction it is trying to lead you. If something feels wrong this month, Pisces, it most likely is. You must not ignore what your intuition is telling you, as there will be some shadiness coming forward tempting you into situations that must be ignored.

Toxic energy thrives on nerves and people who are willing to bend. Do not bend, and trust in yourself.


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