Sagittarius – December Tarotscope

Sagittarius – The Archer


In the months leading up to December, you may have found yourself behaving quite childish. This will be hard to gather an understanding for, as it may not have been entirely in your intentions. It is time to put on your game face, and set a course of action where you will prove to yourself and others how you are capable of being responsible and strong. Your current action of rashness, impulsiveness and impatience has and will not be rewarded here.

The ultimate outcome that you are after requires you to change your tune moving forward. Remind yourself that you need to step up, and assume the role that you are after. December is going to be quite challenging for you, as you battle between what you want and what the right way is to go about it. This progress will be slow, and you are being urged to have patience and think of the long-term plan.

Love & Romance

It may be time to walk away from a connection that you have put endless hours, or even years building upon. This connection is not going to progress any further, and it is not something that will benefit you in the long run.

You may have invested a lot of yourself in this connection, and this could leave you questioning a lot of things that you have put into place. There may be a sense of frustration and impulsiveness here, as you will find yourself acting out due to lack of response from the other party. Hold yourself back from this reaction, as you must understand that not all things will work out the way that you want them to. You cannot control this situation any further, it is out of your grasp.

You are being reminded that whilst hard work and focus is important, sometimes it is not the answer in all cases. It may be too late to do so.

Money & Career

You are struggling with a sense of paranoia here. You may find yourself feeling anxious about committing, perhaps you are looking at furthering your study and do not want to commit to a loan/debt. This can also relate to signing a full time contract with a company, and it may make you anxious to give up free time that you once had on days off. It would feel permanent, and that is something that makes you uncomfortable in this current time.

Overall, there is a sense of opportunties to allow you to further develop yourself, but you are holding yourself back due to worries. Perhaps you are worried about the people surrounding the workplace or education area, as you are wondering whether they like you or not. You may feel disconnected from these situations and find yourself very much so in your own mind.

Know that whilst your worries are valid, they are not based off reality. You must stand up for yourself here, and address situations that will result with you in a state of accomplishment. You must be your own hero here, and fight for the best for you.


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