Scorpio – December Tarotscope

Scorpio – The Scorpion


This will be quite a tricky month for you, Scorpio. The changes or sudden turn in events appear to not be in your best interest, and this will be leaving you asking questions and feeling rather disappointed. Your hard efforts have been put into full force, and you are not seeing any reward.

Know that the negative influences at play are external, this is not your internal doing. You need to remind yourself that there is nothing more that you could have done here, as you have tried your hardest and sometimes in life luck is not found at your side.

It is time to make your own luck. Do not be disheartened here. It is time to take a look from an alternative perspective, and see what avenues you can take in order to regain control of your future. To do so, you need to first start with finding acceptance.

Ensure that you are not putting up a fight in regards to change. Change is always healthy, as it brings forward new opportunities and they will be presenting themselves to you if you are looking in the right light.

Love & Romance

There are strong demands and thoughts from others interrupting your healing. You need to allow yourself some time to mend, and process your own feelings and thoughts without the interference of those around you. Rest is necessary for your growth.

It is time to take a break from the current situation, as it is draining your energy more than you are willing to give. This is leaving you exhausted, and it is time for much needed inner reflection. This will bring forward required solitude and balance.

You need to let go of the situation, as you cannot control it, as much as you find yourself wanting to. Your high stress energy is not going to help you achieve the outcome that you are wanting. Sometimes things reach a point where it is all so scattered and messy. You do not know where it started, or how it will end. It’s time to pull back, withdraw yourself from the situation and allow yourself to recover.

Money & Career

Be careful of coming across too cold or too harsh to those around you in your workplace. You must be flexible, as the fight is not worth the outcome. Your inflexibility is going to be your biggest downfall this month, Scorpio.

It is time to bring your intellect to the table, and see that your desires are clouding your judgement. Perhaps you have a certain way that you want things to be done, or you do not wish to do what will be better received because it will conflict with your ideas and judgement. This sense of action is going to be ill received this month, as you must show that you are willing to meet others in the middle like they do for you.

People may be dominating your thoughts and ideas in the workplace, or perhaps you are that person to those around you. Observe the energy of the room, and see who this character is in your current situation.

The power of the mind is going to be strong this month, and you must focus on taking your heart out of the situation and use your intellect about all matters financial/business. Be organised, time manage to the best of your ability and be careful in regards to harsh judgement moving forward.


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