Taurus – December Tarotscope

Taurus – The Bull


You may be going through a period of success and achievement for all your hard work and efforts this month, Taurus. Ensure you remain disciplined, and foused. Your strength of will is admirable, but you need to be careful because with such success can often bring forward sacrifices. Choose your battles.

It will be important to focus on your intellect as well as your passion, you cannot have one without the other or you will be charging ahead into the void. Remain focused on your goals and you will be unstoppable, however, you will need to ensure that you are not neglecting other avenues in your life.

With this strong will and motivation, you may find yourself blinker visioned. Listen to others when they are trying to give you pointers, as they only wish to help your growth. You may not feel as though you need the support, but in the long run you will learn to appreciate it. Do not close off from the world in order to get to where you want to be, or you will find yourself alone. No one likes to share victories alone.

Love & Romance

You are going to be quite fiery this month, Taurus, in many ways. You will find that you will be attracting more attention than you are used to, people will be interested in your charismatic ways and these qualities will attract the same in return. You will see fiery and charismatic characters entering your life, as you will be attracting what you are putting out there.

Be careful of manipulation, of you to others and them to you. This energy can often introduce a power-struggle kind of environment.

Money & Career

On your current course, it looks as though you are experiencing some difficulties. You are going through turbulence financially, perhaps there is a painful past that is bringing you pause and caution. You may have had issues financially in the past that has impacted your confidence with financial dealings and comfort in trusting investments.

There is definitely betrayal on the way, you may be in for some pain coming forward. Be cautious of colleagues, or your position in the workplace. There is going to be some shifting here, and your past experiences are going to make it difficult for you to trust in the process. You may be in the process of having to deliver some bad news, perhaps you may be needing to let someone go and you will find this hard to deliver.

Be careful to not underdeliver due to confidence in your capabilities, as you have read in the overview you will be strong willed and motivated. You need to channel the fiery persona in your personal life into your workplace. Ensure you are being yourself, use your drive to push you through this uncomfortable time in your career/financial positioning.


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