Virgo – December Tarotscope

Virgo – The Virgin


There may be unpleasant news heading your way this month, Virgo. Be on the look out for spiteful people, or petty behaviour that may set you off on an uncomfortable path. You may find yourself turning someone down unexpectedly, or being put in a situation that you aren’t really sure how to handle.

There may be a self-centered person in your life that will be causing you more grief than they are worth, and it may be time to look into putting some distance between the two of you. This person has manipulative tendencies towards you, and you are aware of it however you often turn a blind eye due to the amount that you care for them. However, this is not the time for their energy. Your patience will be spread quite thin over December.

No matter the situation, ensure that you steer clear of negative people. Be careful to not over involve yourself in gossip, as the turn out for this will not work out in your favour.

Love & Romance

Let go of previous pain and negativity this month, Virgo! It’s time to let it gooo, let it go! You may have been doing a bit of a ‘tit for tat’ game with someone that you greatly care about. Pain has been caused recently and you may be on a bit of a vendetta at the moment. Or, perhaps it was not recent at all, and you are projecting your pain onto others that do not deserve it.

No one deserves the revenge tactic, and you are being reminded that the grudges that you are holding onto are meaningless. Rather than focusing on what isn’t working for you, focus on what can in the future.

You must learn from what you are experiencing, and hold onto the change that is coming forward. Allow space for growth, growth for others as well as yourself. We are all learning. People may be learning what type of partner you need, and they are learning about you as an individual.

Remember that with allowing space for growth, you need there to be room for mistakes too. Change is coming forward and you need to be gentle with not just with others, but with yourself.

Money & Career

There will be a blockage in the way of your goals this month, Virgo. You will be reminded that you need to start from the bottom in order to reach the top, and you may be feeling restlessness in the way of this. Perhaps you feel as though you have achieved more than you are being shown from others, and this is proving to be a longer journey than you once thought.

You may feel as though you already have proven yourself able this month, and others are asking more from you than you are willing to give. There are changes being brought forward to standard routine and comforts, and this will be bringing you a sense of unease.

Remember that you need to bring forward planning and skills to achieve what you are wishing for, and there may be support required from external resources that you do not currently have. You may feel quite alone on your own projects, and your needs are not being met.

Plan for the long run, and stick to working on placing that initial foundation down before proceeding further.


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