December 2020 Numerology Forecast

Number 7 – December 2020

For December 2020, the energy is sitting at number 7. This energy represents an unforgettable form of personal experience – sacrifice.

Sacrifice can come in many forms, and generally it all has an ultimate reasoning. That reasoning signifies deep philosophical learning, but this also comes in another form which can be teaching. You may find yourself offering key things that you have learned from your own certain life experiences which may not have been the best highlight in your past, or you will find yourself reliving experiences that have been the furthest from pleasant. When these types of situations have a way of repeating themselves, you will find it is because you have yet to learn from it.

When people think of the number 7, especially in the spiritual realm, you will find that this number is associated with wisdom and intuition. It generally is associated with spirituality overall. However, know that it runs much deeper than this. It covers such a wide spectrum. The sacrificial experience of learning is an outer world experience. Often you need to detach from your own form of reality and belief system, in order to seek the understanding that your soul requires.

This month, observe your experiences from alternative perspectives. Be open to situations as they unfold, and ask questions. Gather as much knowledge as you can, as knowledge is power. Know that there are so many different reasonings for why things happen, and don’t settle for the easiest and simple solution. You must go broader than this and seek higher thought.

You may find this month that there will be sacrifices made in the matters of health, love, money and/or possessions. This is all for the souls unfolding, and the higher thought that comes with this process is undeniable. Whilst it may be rocky and challenging, this will be able to take you further and you will be a bigger and better version of yourself regardless of the struggle. You internally will be stronger, and greater. This will make you stronger for whatever else comes your way.

In addition, this energy is analytical. Day dreamers will find this hard to transition their new ideas and projects into practicality, as there will be a lot of conflicting energy for theories at play. You may struggle with putting things into practice, as your mind will overrun your heart. Challenge this.

People may find themselves far more drawn into the spiritual realm this month. There will be many questions around the unexplained, and the interest in gaining higher thought will be sought after. People who have spiritually focused businesses may find themselves gaining more attraction, as people search for an understanding.

Keywords for this month: Sacrifice, higher thought, spirituality, the unknown, growth


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