Aries – 2021 Tarotscope

Aries – The Ram


There will be upcoming events that will cause loss and pain coming into 2021 for you, Aries. These may be external influences, but you too could be causing this experience. The current course of action you will be taking moving into the year may be causing this pain to be self inflicted.

Whilst you hold onto the pain and sorrow that you feel, you must acknowledge that this can be preventing you from moving forward on your path. Throughout the year as you experience certain hurtles, you will be adding it to your basket of loss. Imagine this as your basket getting heavier, and heavier. It will be making it difficult for you to trust the steps that you take forward, you will be lacking trust for yourself and for others.

The energy for you will be challenging, as you struggle with darkening emotions and confusion. When you believe you are getting through things, past hurt/experiences will linger in your mind and you will feel the heartache you are wishing to move past. You must acknowledge this before you let it get the better of you. It is imperitive that you speak with those around you, and you work on pulling yourself through these hurtful memories.

Life is a wild ride, isn’t it? There are ups and downs, and sometimes you find yourself wondering why you worried so much in the first place. You cannot change the past, but you can change how you move forward in the present and look ahead for the future.

Rather than holding onto the should haves or could haves, focus on the good memories. You will need to really look after your mental health this year, Aries. Focus on communicating with others, and let them in when you find that you need it.

Love & Romance

You are learning this year, Aries! There is balance coming forward, and this is much needed. In 2020, there was a large focus around finding balance between your personal and work life. Your lifestyle was all out of the place, as you focused so much energy on one corner and neglected the other. This year, Aries, you are pulling your stuff together and you are really focusing on bringing forward that much needed balance and moderation.

Your communication is going to be a large driving point this year. This is wonderful, as there is much needed healing that needs to be put in the works and you will be learning the need to do so. The driving part here is your sense of will, you need to strengthen your will in order to make this happen. Avoidance of extremities is going to be in play here. There is going to be not too much, and not too little. You will be cautious, and focusing on removing a sense of conflict in a variety of areas.

There may be differencing opinions and advice from all angles as you see that there are elements that are outside of your control. There may be a pressuring point from your career that suffocates areas of your relationships. The challenges from shifting energy in your employment will put a bit of a negative spin within your private life. This will disrupt the balance and stability that you have been after, however, you will be working hard to maintain the positivity here.

Money & Career

There is going to be a disruption here for you, Aries. 2021 is certainly going to be a shape up in within your career path. You may find quite a bit of drama, change and discomfort this year as there is an external intervention on your path that you have been following.

When it rains, it pours. There will certainly be walls being torn down in order for new ones to be built up. You will find new opportunities within the crumbles of what you once knew. It will be an uphill battle as you scramble to collect the pieces from the battle, but internally there will be a sense of liberation as you are released from the shackles that have been removed.

There is a saying that the truth will set you free, and this is certainly the case here. You will be struck with new understanding, and you will be off to find a new path as you remove yourself from what you once knew. It will be hard, but necessary and entirely worth the new journey. Remind yourself that everything has a place in this world, and there is always a reason for things no matter how big or small.


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