Cancer – 2021 Tarotscope

Cancer – The Crab


This year will be a bit tense for you, Cancer. You may find yourself often in a bit of conflict, this is most likely meaningless bickering. There will be a struggle over leadership due to people trying to control you.

There may be work struggles, perhaps you will struggle with competition and it will continually feel like an uphill struggle. The thing that will help you get through this the most will be having clear goals with yourself, as these clear goals will be something for you to focus on and it will withdraw the time that it would take for you to overthink situations and mull in probabilities.

It will be important for you to embrace change, and let this tension push you through to new opportunities and broaden the perspective that you hold with your goals. Allow yourself to think of the bigger picture, and be long-term orientated.

If you use this time wisely by holding onto facts and honesty, this will be an advantage. You will see great succession and prosperity ahead in doing so.

Love & Romance

You will need to take action before it is too late here, Cancer. Perhaps you are in a position where you don’t know if your words or actions will overstep and make matters worse, but this is not the case. Your nuturing and soothing energy is needed, and it is time for you to act this year.

Rather than standing by and letting matters fall where you think they want to, it will be time for you to take responsibility and look at the opportunities in front of you. There are multiple avenues here, much that you can act upon if you so wish. You may be blinded here, and refusing to see the truth. The moodiness is apparent, and you are unable to see the true blessings that are around you.

The stagnant state that you have found yourself in is reaching a point where it is no longer best suited. It is time to shake things up, and wake up to the life that you are living. Are you happy, or are you just comfortable? You are turning inward, when you need to turn outward. The lack of vision here is reaching an end, and you must awaken to seeing how much you are truly needed by others.

Money & Career

This year will be quite a confrontational one for you, Cancer. In your career/financial life it oozes inflexibility, and the need for compromise. You may be feeling quite internally defeated, and the tension will be causing an isolating energy around you.

It is quite complex energy, as you will be battling internally and the difficulties will not be showing you any avenue of triumph, even if you do get things the way you want them to be. It may lead you to an area of empty victory. You battle, win, and feel no better. The fight will be costing you more than the reward, and you will be in danger of alienating yourself from those around you. You may be finding people difficult to work with, and they will be inflexible to your way of thinking. The energy will be reciprocated back to those people, as they will think the same of you. The productiveness of this year will be quite challenging.

In order to get to where you want to be, you will find yourself being destructive along the path, that path that you have been slowly building up. You may feel as though you have failed, or feeling unreasonably vulnerable in your work/finances. There will be conflict here due to you feeling insecure.

Remind yourself to look at all of the power that you still have around you, even if you feel weaponless. Get yourself back up, and fight your way forward. You can do this, regardless of the outcome before you. Keep going.


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