Gemini – 2021 Tarotscope

Gemini – The Twins


Your journey is just starting, Gemini! Enjoy the bliss of the unknown as you charge into this year with your arms swinging. You will be feeling a sense of spontaneity as you take risks unaware of the fall, and you will be feeling open to new experiences no matter how big or small.

This energy comes from a place where you feel, what is there to lose? You had a rough 2020, and this year you are willing to place your bets to see how far it will be able to take you. You do not mind the unknown this year, which is fantastic energy to bring forward playfulness and happiness. Remember to follow your instincts at all costs, as your gut will know where to place your energy best.

Love & Romance

You may need to put up a fight in order to turn troubles back into a positive aspect. There may be a bit of a tyrant acting up in your life, and this will be in an attempt to dominate you. You will need to use your logic here, rather than letting it escape you and letting things get out of hand. You will feel like you hold no control or get a say, which will be unreasonable.

There will be no structure here, and things will feel out of place and this energy is not best for you. There may be an urge to bite back, and show your teeth. This should not be the case here. You will need to be cool, calm and collected. Use your wits. The calm understanding that you can bring forward will cool the waters, and you will be able to create a more fulfilling situation out of troublesome aspects.

Money & Career

It looks as though things are lining up quite well for you, Gemini. You may be in for an advancement in your career, there is great energy here for success. This could be in the sense that you get the job that you are after, or even a promotion in a field of interest.

This energy is quite mischievous, it is powerful with a side of darkness. You will be going through growth in your capabilities, and you will be bringing an air of mystery around you that will appear quite intriguing to others. Your social skills will exceed expectations this year, and you will find yourself working well with others due to your new personal ‘level up’, so to speak.

Due to this higher place of development, you will see yourself break through a lot of barriers that were once in place. Enjoy this dark warmth coming through to you, as you aspire to a new independent and confident character with your career, study and financial dealings.


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